• Twigfinger


  • Jeremy Cox

    Hahahahahaha-oh wait they copied Wilfred.

  • @LouElHumano

    " When You hear the noise of thunder just don't get to scared, jus grab your thunder buddy and say this magic words: Fuck You Thunder! You can suck my dick"

    Chive, the girl who is dancing with Mark, Find Her!

  • Taser

    How is this like Wilfred? Only Elijah Wood can hear Wilfred talk. Seems like Ted is a living stuffed bear that everyone can see and interact with.

  • Matt Aupperlee

    Funny shit!

  • Eric

    You dont think shes expecting anything big do you?
    TED: What? you mean like anal?

    OH yes

  • theTortfeasor

    They filmed the majority of this video around the school I attend in Boston. Wicked cool people on that crew.

  • indesignkat

    that may be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life.. and I've been to both Missouri and Mississippi.. holy fuck

  • That's Hilarious

    Haha hilarious. I don't know why people are being so negative about the video… :/

  • D-swizzy

    hahaha. shit is funny

  • Gizem

    I agree with the whole story and I’m glad that this story was such a success. What makes me mad is Obama. This is anoethr way of getting support for his campaign. He would do nothing of this sort for Taylor if the Chive and internet did not support him. It is all a publicity stunt to make it look like Obama cares. Prime example, when there was the shooting at the military base a while back, Obama NEVER went to see the victims. Bush did. He wasn’t even president then. Obama is a publicity hog by doing this. It makes him look good. That is the only reason he did it. Thanks Chive for getting Taylor the respect he deserves as a soldier because with out the Chive he wouldn’t have received it.

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