There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (98 Photos)

The Chivettes brought their A-Games this week.

A quick note, due to the volume of Chivette submissions, if you don't see yourself today, please check back next week.

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit your photos right here and remember, creativity is always rewarded!

  • guest

    #44 can you switch hands so we can have both sides to look at.

  • ScotchScotchScotch

    Hello #86

  • Mojofotoman

    #9 – I'd offer you a hand, but it looks like you have it under control. 9.5/10

  • Lindsey

    I'm a little upset Chive. what happened to my picture? I was number 11 and you replaced it 😦

  • Stapples

    93/94 I like Rugby! I played for UW. I'd love to watch a game with you, especially if you wear that!

  • germy

    #17 Way to rep Utah! Smoking hot!

  • MrG

    #94, shoot the boot!

  • Brian_30

    Such amazing eyes #51!! WOW!!

  • Brian_30

    Thank You #75, think I just fell in love!!

  • Brian_30

    Oh, and #10!!

  • TheMichigander

    #62 give us a smile love

  • vinny chase


    i love green eyes, and your super bomb!
    so hot you dont even need cleavage

  • Luis Verduzco

    #26 #39 #56
    My GOD! Specially 26, oh come he left something like that ❤

  • Boss

    #83 Let's Go Blues

  • Soleman

    I like all of these pics I love such pic

  • Soleman

    Can I meet some one in these grils

  • Amsalu

    I went to text sex with all gerls search me in facebook.

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