Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

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  • b.gerit


    • HOEHOE


      • Can't help it

        I'm starting to like you.

  • DCM


  • Bryan Long


    • Black KCCOs

      Black KCCOs!

  • JBb

    #12 how do we know it's even ok to look at this (age)?

    • Guy

      Good point this could easily be a 14 year old.

      • @TheEdgemerian

        Quit jerking off to everything you see on the Chive, and just look at the cats for a change. Then it doesn't matter if she's 7.

        • JBb

          I don't jerk off to anything at The Chive, but surely there are some that do. I was just saying what I said from a perception nothing else.

          • S.Freud

            Okay, let's say she's, oh, 15. Or even 14. What of it? She's wearing a t-shirt and panties. Big whoop. Girls that age wear less at the beach and dress far more inappropriately at school. Again, there is nothing inappropriate about the picture–or anything overtly sexual.

            The only problem exists in your own mind. *You* are creating sexual attributes that otherwise do not exist. *Your* perceptions are skewed and *you* are making something out of it that is just not there. You have a problem, not the picture.

            • The_Dood

              Are there really schools where you can wear something more inappropriate than panties? They sure don't have them in the Midwest. I was under the impression that most schools had a minimum length of short shorts/skirts that was mandatory. Granted, if the girls want to dress like sluts they aren't going to listen, but they're also probably not going to make it past 1st period. Maybe things have changed since I was in high school…

              • S.Freud

                That depends on just what is appropriate at any given time. She's wearing a t-shirt and panties in a bedroom; that would be appropriate. Wearing the same thing in, say, a church? Not so much.

                Now, what would be appropriate clothing for school? Something tasteful and, perhaps, on the conservative side, no? If a girl dresses up like a slut, wearing pants that say "boy toy" across the ass and exposing more flesh than is necessary, even if she's not wearing a bikini or panties in the open, it would be inappropriate.

                • Yup

                  Right, because the fact that she is wearing panties is just a coincidence. That fact had no bearing on TheChive including the pic in this gallery.

                • The_Dood

                  Okay, so you were kind of putting a basis point on the idea of what is inappropriate? Like, it's okay to wear nothing but panties and a tank to the beach, or lounging around your bedroom, but it's not okay at schools. I agree.

                  My point is, regardless of where you are when a picture is taken, the internet makes things very different. It's not that the people above are thinking "Hey she's hot, I wanna do her if she's old enough" (at least I hope not), it's more like "That's a little bit much skin for such a young girl to be showing on the internet, especially with the amount of pedophiles lurking around there." At least that's the way I look at it. When I see a picture of an underage girl (not really this one in particular) and see that she's dressed up like a slut, I don't look at her sexually, I personally just feel bad for the parents and the girl. Say you're just scrolling a post on the chive and you see a picture of a girl that definitely looks underage, trying to look sexy and/or slutty, wouldn't you feel the least bit disgusted just for having seen that? I would. It doesn't matter that I didn't go out searching for it, or that I had no desire to see it, it's just that seeing something like that would make me sick.

                  It might be that it's just because I have a big problem with the direction this country's kids are headed, thanks to the mindless tween dribble that they watch and listen to. But, seeing revealing pictures of kids floating around the internet really exemplifies it, especially when you weren't looking for them in the first place. Maybe I'm just old fashioned…

                  • JustSayin'


            • thejim

              Legal perception is also a factor. This image may be harmless, even innocence embodied for most of us here. But, this same image could very well be a parole violation in the possession of a convicted sex offender(pedo).

              Just my .02

        • banana flapjacks

          step 1- even tho its cat saturday stop being a pussy step 2- she is covered the same if not more than being on the beach step 3- realize cats suck, its all about dogs

    • S.Freud

      It's a picture of a what appears to be a female holding a cat. There is nothing sexual or inappropriate about it; she is wearing more than she probably would at the beach during the summer and we have no clear indication of her age.

      If you, however, look at it and think "she's a minor" and "sexual imagery" (or "forbidden imagery") the *you* likely have a serious problem. Making a connection between "child" and "sex" in the way you seem to be hinting at is not normal or healthy.

      • Cantaloupe

        Because a bikini and panties are the same thing. You're a dumbass.

        • Jade

          I would hardly say there is a vast difference between the two. In fact, if a girl were to wear a plain bikini bottom at home away from water I bet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

        • S.Freud

          Is 'dumbass' the best you can come up with? Really? That's the extent of your counter-argument, calling me names? Wow. I bow to your superior intellect and obvious expertise on women's clothing–which you gained, I assume, by wearing it frequently after locking yourself in mom and dad's basement late at night.

          If you look at the picture–actually look at it instead of whipping jr. out and stroking yourself into a blistered palm–you'll see that she's wearing a t-shirt. Lat time I checked, a t-shirt and panties does not equal a bikini. But, for the sake of argument, let's say she is wearing a bikini. So what? There is still nothing overtly sexual about it, especially in a society where we are surrounded by near-nudity on a daily basis. If you and JBd are seeing a minor and sexualizing her. . .Wow.

          Run along now and try to think up more names to call me. I breathlessly await your reply and shudder to think of you bringing your towering intellect to bear.

          • Mikehoncho

            if u dont stop acting like your the smartest person in the world im goin to submit you to the biggest deuche in the universe compition. i hear you have a good chance to win it this year because the situation can only win it so many times

      • Yup

        Clearly underwear has not been sexualized in our (and every?) culture. If you as a viewer are putting a picture of a girl in underwear in a sexual context, that is obviously your own fault.

        Of course, the editors of this website didn't put this girl in a sexualized context.

    • TomatoTipper

      Adult cats all look the same age to me.

      • Shirley


    • cHiVe FoR pReSiDeNt

      The bed is made, and very neatly at that. She's not a teenager.

    • kris

      probably at least 16 (depending on the state/country) has a tattoo on her arm

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Valid point, I can't believe all this shit over a female wearing underwear… where you can't see her face……. I think i remember seeing every single Mind the gap post being almost exactly like this…..

    • pearjuice

      Less revealing than a bathing suit… No issue imo

    • i113

      Don't worry, that cat easily looks old enough to be spreading its legs on the Internet.

    • FiddyKing

      I'm sure that cat is old enough

    • PedoBear

      Is it a bad time to interject that I looked at this and saw a girl playing with her hairy pussy?

    • SammyBoy

      who cares >_< lol

    • Jack Henoff

      Obviously none of you dipshits noticed the tattoo… Shut the fuck up and get over it … she's 18

  • Pete Mitchell

    I'm embarrassed at how much I love cat Saturday

    • bubblerider86

      it has totally changed my opinion of cats….i think, i think i might actually LIKE them!! lol

    • JmC

      I was thinking the same thing as I was laughing out loud at Cat Saturday

    • Joyclyn

      Cat Saturday is just another thing that makes the weekend awesome.

  • Juan

    Hello… Yes, this is cat #6

    • TDub66


  • Human #1

    Cats make great humans…. But terrible pets.

    Must go answer Dog. He's on the other line.

  • Ender84

    #12 What? There's a cat in that picture?!? All I saw was a girl only wearing panties and the bed. Is this one of those magic eye pictures? I'll keep starring and get back to you…

    • boll

      goddamnit this joke is so overused please stop

      • Yup

        And the Chive never overuses anything. Stale jokes/memes/Will Farrel quotes have no place on the chive.

    • Ender84

      I didn't know I could be so sad on cat Saturday. I appologize that I don't have your wit and humor…thanks for being the positive community we all love.

      I'll never post that again…I think we've all grown a little today. Ha!

      • Idius

        No need to be over dramatic… I post dumb shit all the time that I think is witty and ends up being thumbed down fantastically. What one finds funny may not be funny to others, Plus this is the internet, you are probably lucky that some troll didn't come on and type a vile racist comment in caps… You just gotta try your luck with another comment. Keep calm and chive on!

  • BritChivette

    Not the type of pussy I like but oh well.

  • Blue bronco

    #1 It's the Internet, bitches.

  • Coastie

    #10 And how was your day, Felix? Catch any string?

  • dude

    damn i hate cats but these posts are always funny as hell!

    • patriots suck

      go kiss your shit eating dog dude

  • @mizdictator

    #14 Using nip turns cats into contortionists…

    • Cosby Sweater

      Heyyyyy it's been awhile. I packed a picnic basket for us last week. I had to eat it all myself. I couldn't finish the chocolate-covered strawberries so I just threw them at things, which was fun, but tinged with sadness. Also, I wrote you a poem:
      Roses are expensive,
      Violets I assume are less expensive but I don't really know, I've never bought violets before,
      Hey let's get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Also, you're beautiful. That's not part of the poem, that's me just sayin'. BOOM.

      • @mizdictator

        Sorry, I was feeling mildly depressed after getting some vicious remarks about my character on here when I made it on a post and people got the wrong interpretation of what I said on said post…
        There's also the factor that you're still a random dude on the Internet.
        And shame on you for wasting chocolate covered strawberries, but I approved of your method to entertain yourself.
        Also if roses are so expensive how expensive do you think a wedding is?
        Thank you for the compliments but I can' t accept them with grace, I am not as beautiful as you deduced me to be. I'll admit I'm pretty externally but not internally.
        And lilies are better than any rose or violet. :]

        • Cosby Sweater

          Oh noes! You tell me who made those vicious comments and I'll whip chocolate-covered strawberries at them.
          You seem to be down on yourself, which I don't care for. I'm quite positive that you're a beautiful person. Know why? Because I'm actually a time traveller and I've seen the magnificient things you will do with your life. Involving love and success and grace and such. Just watch out for the squirrel uprising of 2026. It will be like that movie The Birds. But with squirrels.
          I actually bought you a basket of lilies but they got lost in a time warp.

          • @mizdictator

            That squirrel uprising is indeed terrifying thank you for the forewarning my good sir.
            There's no need to whip chocolate covered strawberries at the haters, I feel like that would be more of a treat than anything. Haters are going to hate and I don't like conflict and fighting much. I just let them go rather than speaking up and getting hazed.
            That's rather exciting that you're also a time traveler, do you travel in a Tardis or are you more of a time traveling car type of person?
            Then again it doesn't matter because you're some weird creepy guy who insists on marrying me, buys me lilies and then loses them, and creeps on my future like some sort of time traveling peeping tom…
            But thank you for the compliments and reassurance about my future.

            • Cosby Sweater

              It's all in good fun. You know what's funny about all this? I'm actually far less weird and creepy than my weird and creepy comments would lead one to believe. In reality I'm a nice young man with a nice young beard. I fight crime and help old ladies cross the street. If i didn't have more sense than to give out personal information in this venue I would prove it but that is unfortunately not the case.
              And it's really my cat who is the time traveler, I just hitch a ride. He is capable of hurtling through time and space at astounding speeds. Meow.

  • KayakAggie

    #3 Lolz

    • tapsnapornap

      "And a good cat"

  • Nick

    Sweet perm Bro! #4

    • TomatoTipper

      I would frame and hang this photo up in my library, if I had one…

    • Paula's new stalker

      that is a young Will Ferrell with Cat yes?

    • bigolesamson

      that is one hell of a senior pic the 70s must have been awesome.

  • Fuck Mac

    not 1st but 10th!

    • BritChivette

      You can be my 10th…today!

    • rromero

      Dude, your life is so sad, seriously get a hobby or a job or a girlfriend, this shit is not about who comments the fastest, is more like to share ideas and see that there are others outside that like the same things and have similar sense of humor.
      Trying to be the first to comment is very lame and even worse feel happy about being the 10th; remember that wise people talk when they have something to say and stupid people talk because they have to say something.

      I apologize in advance for grammar errors, English is not my first language.

      • Fuck Mac


        • d1sturbed91

          Heres the short version of what he said: you're pathetic. I think that sums it up.

          • Fuck Mac

            LOL DICKsturbed thank you for the summary!! Faggot by the looks of simply your avatar I can tell your a fucken virgin nerd and fat!!

            • d1sturbed91

              LOL oh yeah I definitely look like the fat nerdy virgin cause I'm totally the one sitting here trolling theChive. And REAL creative on the dicksturbed joke. You REALLY had me laughing there buddy. You sound like a real winner to me!

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    My cat's name is The Dude and he's doing whatever the hell he wants, man. Like someone else said, I am also ashamed at how much I love cat Saturday. The shame I feel!

    • The DM

      I feel like Mac "gets" me.

    • Idius

      You received a thumbs up for your name… Bacon…

  • crazy13

    Cat saturday is the best!!!

  • Finn_The_Human

    No better way to begin a saturday!

  • Yessirr

    #27 some unsuspecting object or animal got fucked up about 3 seconds after this was taken. haha.

    • mcfadinj

      One of my favorite cat pics.

      • SARmedic

        Me too. I'm pretty sure that cat was fired out of a cannon, lol.

      • d1sturbed91

        Believe…you can be a ball!

  • tommytwotime

    #7 haha!!! #17 oh…my….god #22 man business cats are so rad!!!

  • Trav1121

    #18 SophistiCat and his Lovah

  • Trav1121

    #1 Present #10 Future

  • Diana Santos

    #19 LOL

    • SARmedic

      I like this one too, the instructions just wouldn't mean as much without the pictures.

  • gary b

    send this prissy cat shit over to the Berry, real men want to see WOMEN.

    • Diana Santos

      #2; #12

    • pwithc

      try redtube.

    • S.Freud

      So, I assume you're a 'real' man? If so, why aren't out looking for a 'real' woman instead of browsing theChive for pictures to stroke it to?

      Maybe 'real' women are too intimidating. Or too much for you to handle. A picture, after all, doesn't talk back and won't make fun of your, ahem, shortcomings.

      • Truth

        Some people consider pretending to be a pompous ass on the internet to be a shortcoming.

      • itstanrum

        Sadly, society frowns on masturbating to women in public, else more men would stop using the internet.

    • KCCO4Eva

      No way, bro! The Chive is more than bewbs don't you know that? It's about COMMUNITY and stuff that COMMUNITIES DO and SELLING T-SHIRTS and other unoriginal bullshit that only dick swingers want. If you only want to look at bewbs, go somewhere because the Chive is only like 90% whores.

      Chive On!

    • The DM

      Real men HAVE women, HAVE cats, and scroll Cat Saturday with both. Chive On, asshole!

      • Truth

        Real men don't use chive as a verb.

    • rromero

      real men don't bitch about everything, just saying.

    • ManCard Assoc.

      1. Real men dont need to tell you they are real men. People will just know.

      2. Real men do whatever the fuck they like. Even look at cat pictures.

      3. Real men dont need to copy others because they think it will make them a real man. It just comes natural.

      When you get your man card garyB, you'll realize this.

      • HillbillyNinja

        Also, Real Men DO eat quiche, and whatever else they damn well feel like eating.

    • Jess

      a real man would be able to get a woman, no?

    • d1sturbed91

      *insert real men of genius song here*

      • BareGrilz

        Real men don't use 5 year old pop culture references.

        • before it was cool ^

          like Bear Grylls jokes?

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