A few google easter eggs to extend your procrastination (9 Photos)

  • Rock the Vote lol

    Obama Sucks

  • ryan

    MAC again you suck and chive is begining to suck with these shitty posts

    • Mac

      You suck, fuck you I'm hungover as shit.

  • jefmj

    'Askew' is also one.

  • John

    This post does not suck. I only knew about 2 or 3 of these. Thanks!

  • landin

    the droid 5 pops up with zombie art

  • MasoBall

    Starcraft zerg rush 🙂

  • misschris

    #8 Did not work. However, if you type in Let it Snow and click "I'm feeling lucky" it takes you to a page where it is snowing and you can control how much snow falls…. so that's something.

  • Suz129

    Couldn't get any of these to work, guess I'll have to be productive.

  • egpd

    search for recursion , when you enter the first message is "Did you mean: recursion"…keep clicking infinitely..

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelAFernandez Michael Fernandez

    "Tilt" is also one.

  • Force Kin

    What about the YouTube snake game?

  • Shawn

    If you search for "recursion" Google will constantly ask if you meant "recursion". Yay nerd jokes. (I'm a nerd)

  • wackoffster

    #5 lies

  • wackoffster

    #8 also lies… disappointed

  • BLav ISU

    try walking directions from LA to tokyo
    it tells you to kayak across the pacific ocean

  • John

    typing "askew" is another one

  • Aurelle

    for chuck norris you have to enter "find chuck norris" and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

    • aurelle

      also don't forget to google "tilt"

  • IdiotBrain

    Also, type askew in the search bar.

  • Jim

    Also, searching "Askew".

  • SaintSinner6LO

    None of them worked for me.

  • mazurati

    if you find the face of Mars using Google Earth a martian bot will start talking to you. It's been a couple years since I stumbled across it, but worth a try to check 🙂

  • Rick

    The Chuck Norris one is not actually a Google easter egg, it's just a website that manipulated search options to be number one.

  • Alex J

    Google "China to Japan" and go to maps and get directions… Look at direction #38

  • TheFili

    Mordor is in the Netherlands! I always knew!

  • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo

    this one is the best, go to google and type, "HOLY SHIT I'M A FUCKEN ASSHOLE"

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