• knotmee

    lousy accents and fucking terrifying eyes.

  • matt

    His aussie accent is appalling. I assume that other nationalities find his imitations of their accent equally repulsive.

    • iheartboobs

      Yeah aussie accent was preety average

    • Old Timer

      I agree, since when do us Aussie's say shyte?

    • Guest

      the UK has an accent for every city just about not just posh .. this guy is shit

  • Jonathan

    Some of his accents are just uncanny.

  • Landen

    I thought those accents were very good. This guy has some talent

  • pufffdragon

    I see what you did there….and also over there.

  • SteveM

    The Irish accents and geography are totally off….it might fool someone who hasn't been here but not a native

  • http://proposmontreal.com ProposMontreal

    Me'h !

  • http://twitter.com/plako21 @plako21

    the french part reminded me of this…

    • guest

      i miss this vid lol



  • https://www.facebook.com/stefan.trotman Stefan Kemar Trotman

    This final seconds were bone chilling

  • David

    Hey fellas, it's entertainment. His mannerisms, timing and most of the writing is what won it for me. Anyone else share?

  • karl

    Horrible Australian accent. No one ever nails an Australian accent.

  • Sme

    Is there surgery to align wonky eyes?

  • Cory

    No Welsh, NZ, or South African accents, so the title is a bit misleading…

  • DubStu

    Herp Derp!!

    The Irish was the only convincing one, and even that was shit. And WTF is a Ford Prius exactly…?

    • IrishWolfhound

      I sincerely hope you aren't from or have ever travelled to Ireland if you think those were even remotely convincing.

  • jonathancarter

    @Cory heh, I was waiting for the South African accent too 🙂

  • murrence

    Really quite poor as far as I'm concerned.

  • cjuncosa
  • IrishWolfhound

    He should be tried in the Hague for what he did to those accents, especially the Irish and Australian ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000623298008 Murray Wilson

    Being Scottish, I can gladly inform you that was terrible.
    In fact I think I can safely say for every U.K. accent he attempted there, they were attrocious

  • Kc Guyer

    the news on the street is Mr. Accent Dan Considine will be appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 next week.

  • Scott

    If he is from Portland, why was his American accent so weird?

  • A2_tha_MFK

    I thought he was going ok until he got to the Australian Accent, I couldn't watch any more after that.

  • Matt

    It's like he's staring into my soul

    • noegod

      Is your soul two feet to your right? HA HA! Oh, I'm bad! Sorry! Heh heh.

  • luke

    Nope, He can't do any of them! Unless Stereotypes count as accents….

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