Female celebs with beards went over like gangbusters last time, so let’s try it again (28 Photos)

We fixed the glitch….
Via Freakingnews

Via Freakingnews

  • nick

    They all just look like armenian drag queens.

  • chaosd

    #11 wow I thought that was Ashton Kutcher for a second.

  • nivek2798

    this will haunt my dreams!

  • Buffalo

    What an f*ckin waste of Chive space…if I never see this a gain it will be too soon!!!

  • greenewillie

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  • Mike

    They all look like werewolves mid-transformation.

  • Chance


  • naluukti

    #3 "It's true you don't see many dwarf women. And in fact, they are so alike in voice and appearance, that they are often mistaken for dwarf men. And this in turn has given rise to the belief that there are no dwarf women, and that dwarves just spring out of holes in the ground! Which is, of course, ridiculous."

  • Dr. Evil

    This is the most screwed up fetish I've ever seen.

  • NightMiracle

    How dare you mess with Emma Stone… She is a goddess! A GODDESS I TELL YOU!!

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  • Thebigdeac

    What, no Alyssa Malinno? Oh wait. Nevermind. No editing there needed.

  • https://www.facebook.com/philip.alvarez1 Philip Alvarez

    pfft still would will be a fun nite oh ya!

  • slappy110

    Is it me or do all of these bearded ladies look like George Michael?

  • zcreative

    Please stop doing this. Forever.

  • Schlatman

    #11 Michelle Rodriguez didn't even need a beard, she already looks like a man without

  • mikeraw

    You mean Val Kilmer!

  • Anonymous

    Salma Hayek is still hot in Cirque du Freak – Vampire’s assistant .

  • Chilu

    #11 Seems legit…

  • light

    #10#12 WHO DID THIS?..WHO DID THIS!!!!!!1

  • light

    #19 you have defiled some of gods best work , Chive…….Good thing its 2012 and were all fucked anyway.

  • kensh

    #27 still hot

  • Miagi-son

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  • Simon

    I'm not sure who half of them are, but most of them look like Prince for some reason.

  • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo


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