• Elms

    "Shut up chase!"

  • Kyle Ruts

    Get on his ass. No no back up back up. Speed up. slow down. catch up i want to film this. No no slow down.

  • AV Club

    Luckily, no one got hurt or worse. I hope that guy does some jail time, but with the way the system is, he probably just spent the night in a cell. I dont understand why the people recording this continued to follow him when they have a child in the car. Take could have definitely been bad news bears.

  • ElChippy

    "If I was behind the wheel I'd totally do a pit maneuver brah"

    What a tool shed.

    • DrFunkenstein

      Definitely. I was using the term tool bag, but these guys are way too big of tools. They were filming and following this guy in the sole hope of filming an accident or a crash.

  • Douglas

    WHO said this guy was Drunk ???? He could have been diabetic and been having a seizure, Did
    THE CHIVE check their facts. SHAME ON YOU Chive for posting this drivel.

    • Amy

      either way, it's dangerous driving!!! helloooo??!!!

  • Swanky

    The people in this car were so fucking annoying

  • Brian D

    Yup, this is why u don't text an drive. This idiot might be coming right for you and you'd never even see it coming!

  • @work

    Is he drunk?

  • B!!!

    I like when he tells the kid to shut up! Know your role kid .

  • garbage

    is anyone else more annoyed with the person commentating than anything else?

  • Really33

    Video is much better without sound

    "I wish I was driving, Id pit his ass"

    Wel then STEP UP!

    I realize the danger that getting close would bring but I think Id get as close as I could and start honkin the horn and flashing the lights. Maybe that would bring him to a halt. Dont think I could just sit back and record and do nothing but I will admit that at the speeds they were going a pit maneuver would be a) impossible and b) Id probably wipe myself out and he'd just wander on his little way

    You often see cops attempt it and fail and theyre trained to do it. Not as easy as it looks I think.

  • Alama

    Who were the douche bags filming? I would have knocked out the dude in the passenger seat, what an ass. Called 911? My ass you called anyone. I'm even skeptical this was indeed legitimate.

  • Road head

    Hope she didn't bite it off when they crashed

  • http://youtube.com/user/perryinjax perryinjax

    "He might hit someone head on and kill them, let's get it on film for youtube instead of trying to get him to pull over and save lives.. "
    Stupid guys… what if were one of their family members in one of the oncoming lanes, I bet they would have put the camera down and tried to stop him immediately then.

  • http://youtube.com/user/perryinjax perryinjax

    I totally agree.. goto a porn site and get all you want when you need a fix. I prefer the cool stuff on Chive vs. the tired old sluts over and over. All of us are not teenagers with nothing else to think about except a raging hard on 😛

  • mshaw166

    Perhaps calling the cops would have been an option in addition to filming?

  • Jason

    This was great, when I saw it first on reddit….

  • George

    Darwinism at it's finest.. Too bad there wasn't a cliff

  • Retired Navy

    Didn't hear anyone on a phone calling the police. WTF? Although they did the right thing staying far behind that moron. This is why I live accross the street from my favorite pub.

  • British Bulldog

    The guy might be a diabetic slipping into a coma perhaps?

  • Mark Sanford

    These guys are so serious. Calm down bro

  • Mark Sanford

    This guy riding shotgun is so hard. "I wish i was behind the wheel. I'd do a pit maneuver on his ass." Calm the fuck down bro.

  • Nargon

    those guys need new pair of parasitic words, this calling for jesus and god is discusting, grow a pair!

  • Steven

    Call the fucking cops when this happens so no one else gets hurt instead of watching him drive like an idiot

  • willi

    Drunk driver = Knob ..
    Person Filming = Bigger internet hit grabbing Knob.
    Driver = Grow a pair and Do something about it.

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