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  • http://twitter.com/NaughtyKnott @NaughtyKnott

    the guy talking is a worse back seat driver than my wife!

  • J-man

    That guy should have died. Dumbass drunk diver!

  • misslee

    who hurt you?

  • MarkyMark

    I'm pissed at both the guys who filmed this more than the driver that's being recorded.

    They should had honked the horn and tell that guy to pull over. people like this would rather watch mayhem happen and say they were there instead of being a UNKNOWN hero that saves lives. F'N IDIOTS.

  • jeff

    I would have tried to stop the guy, not spend my time trying to film it at the right angle.

  • da Sandman
  • steve

    This had you gripped?? Lame

  • Pafshien

    The idiots:

  • John Snow


  • http://www.facebook.com/timmy.brennan.9 Timmy Brennan

    I was watching this while in the company of my parents. It ended up being very awkward, because that guys commentary, sounds like it came straight out of a porno……. "Thats it right there", again and again and again!

  • Hexor

    Do yourself a favor and hit mute.

  • bartonian.agenda@gmail.com

    Were those flaming hot cheetos?

  • bbbbruner

    I hate the people filming as much as the drunk driver

  • http://www.petalumasupplyco.com Petaluma Supply Co.

    I can't believe that guy lasted as long as he did driving like that.

  • ihearttards

    not only did they allow him to risk other people by not calling law enforcement… they also risked themselves, and should also be arrested for child endagerment… i understand being so caught up in a moment of someone elses stupidity, but risking yourself is moronic…

  • ZED

    Its a good thing that they called the cops, but I don't think we need a post about a drunk driver. I'm sure there are people here who lost loved ones to this kinda thing. Poor taste!

  • assman

    this vid was not chive worthy…break.com maybe or big boys

    come on

  • barry spatchcock

    next time call the police pricks. oh and dont speak your voice is very annoying.

  • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

    What an ass, I'm glad he wrecked

  • BraveAmerican

    Better judgement would of been to honk at him to try to get him to stop. If someone would of died, you would of felt bad by not stepping up and trying to stop him way earlier. Thanks for taking time on recording it, hope you felt good about it

  • Hoover

    He's the DDD (Designated Drunk Driver)

  • godwhy?

    OH! I know!…This is that scene from the George Lucas/James Cameron remake of "Bullit"

  • Mike

    these guys are just the same, keeping him on the road and filming this rather then calling 911 is just as bad…a good video is not the priority, a life is.

  • guest

    back seat driver at its finest

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