• CanuckChuck

    I bet you they didn't even get out to see if they hurt themselves… for the 100+ who "liked " that said he "reported" it to the police, turn up your speakers… 1:56 "how long can you record?" reply, "i dunno man, 30 minutes.. they *shouldve* reported to the cops but i can assume the way they're talking, they didn't…3:45 "learn your lesson!" from kid aka chase, "quiet, chase!" and the wway that he's going "head on, head on, right here… oh nononononononono!" he'd rather be on "craziest home videos!" than make sure this guy was off the road without anyone being hurt… The guy who was driving the blazer (aka the "drunk" guy) was probably thinking "oh **** (crap) i hope that isn't a ghost car following me"

    last words… if there was no guard rail there,i have a feeling he would've made it… lol… long story short though, that person shouldnt have been driving in the first place

  • https://www.facebook.com/andrewhagood Andrew Hagood

    That guy deserves to die…that's all. He may be a good person sober, but fuck him. What a fucking asshole. I would have jumped out and beat his ass, then called the cops. Fucking cunt.

  • Pat Bateman

    Worst narrator ever. Shut the fuck up and film

  • Tim

    Do you really think a guy who's that drunk is going to stop because someone honked the horn at them? Are you really that dumb?

  • Amy

    Brilliant following a drunk car with a kid in the back!! Losers!!

  • Gonndo

    Stupid asshole!!!!!

  • bat

    the biggest asshole in this video is the know-it-all loud mouth filming… pretending to be a hero but really a vulture of human misery. He might be able to get a job drowning puppies – I am sure he'd enjoy it.

  • BKC

    To all of you who said "disable him" or pull some manoeuvre, would YOU have put your life on the line to stop this asshole? The guys tailing him had clearly called the cops, since they kept saying "is that the cops?", and were following and doing their best to keep others from harm.

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