If you’re ever involved in a Swedish police chase, pull over (8 HQ Photos)

Joe Earl and three of his buddies were driving along a stretch of highway outside Stockholm when and Audi blew by them followed by two police cars. The chase began an hour earlier, the two thieves were intoxicated and putting lives in danger.

The police made a sharp U Turn in front of the speeding vehicle and Joe Earl captured the moment on his camera, these photos would go on to win Fotosidan's Best Pictures Contest.

  • frank

    #4 aint no thang

  • Shawn


  • b money

    That's why you don't run from the cops. Hopefully they got tazed afterwards.

  • Livin' Legend

    Vikings are not to be fucked with.

  • Chappell

    Not a scratch one Volvo…..magic

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1096821575 John Cruz

    challenge accepted ;]

  • Bob

    #5 taking care of the morons – class!!!

  • GuitarSkater


  • Niklas

    Fuckin' A, Gävleborgs län is where I'm from 😀

  • greenewillie

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  • Visitohr

    Its funny how surprised people are that its a Volvo lol. These cars are pretty fast , ever since I drove a 850R station (back in the 90s already) I never doubted Volvo again. Its great fun getting to 60 MPH in 6 seconds and doing 150 MPH in a stationcar and still feel like cruising.

  • Hallåeller


  • Kenneth

    This is an important day in science history, Scientists have finally reached absolute zero, referring to the number of fucks given by these guys

  • kw1q51lv3r

    This photoset and the movie Kopps are why Swedish police are badass.

  • Mike

    hahaha my mom has that car

  • Cody

    That cop can in a little hot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000082634164 David Gorski

    Well, when your cops don't carry guns…

  • NorsKenR

    This shows what happens if the Swedish authorities think you present a threat. They’ll do anything to stop you. This is the same country that reputedly has depth-charged Russian submarines – who else would dare to?

  • jukkapekkapoika

    I love Sweden! And I'm from Finland 😀

  • Always Last


  • Julskinke

    I was working as a bicycle courrier in Stockholm and a cop grabbed my arm and held it while driving because i ran a red light. They like to rough up skaters with joints too. A handfull of cool cops still doesn't redeem the majority of cunts.

  • http://imgthing.com/pull-over-crazy-ass-swedish-police-car-chase-8-pic/ PULL OVER: Crazy-Ass Swedish Police Car Chase (8 Pic) - imgthing: simply pictures

    […] (via) […]

  • Phil

    Guys its a Volvo so it doesn't matter

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