It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

  • otis

    don't mess with chuck…

    • Betterword

      Fuck chuck

    • CIRO

      Chuck Norris is extremely overrated, Bruce Lee or Clint Eastwood are infinitely better.

    • trooper

      Chuck is a pussy douchebag

      • davo

        don't mess with chuck or he'll pray for you! weird cunt

  • joe


    • ur a dumbass

      Yeah, the Chuck Norris one is pretty good..

  • DickFister

    Long live pussy willows

  • MattyDeuce

    These are just getting bad…

    • Guse

      Thanks for chiming in.

  • tralfaz

    #20 Skynet phase 1

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #10 Holy shit

    • bob

      that's effing ridiculous! and how did that snake get up there?

      • Rabidcake

        tree snake? they don't only live on the ground…

    • @LuNcH_bOx13

      Never going to Australia!

    • misslisa

      Nightmare tonight? Check!

    • Devin_Medrano
    • martian maggot

      this just made me die a little inside

    • JohnMcClane_

      Oh fuck me. Its amazing the Crocodile Hunter lived as long as he did…

      • Jebus

        Bahaha they're both harmless 😀 down here you take your thong off and smack the spider then invite the snake inside for a beer

        • loz

          Just to avoid confusion…

          Thong = flip flop, not underwear.

          • Ajmay

            Although you can also flip flop in a thong…

            • Jebus

              My bad – yeah flip flops. We call thong thongs G bangers. Perhaps its time for a chive "down under dictionary" post

    • Rabidcake

      Golden Orb spiders ftw.

      Also this;

    • aussie

      I've seen bigger…

      • KCCO

        KILL IT!!!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!

  • LucretiusCarus

    #27 I always imagine that's what Giada di Laurentiis looks like when trying to huge someone–her with her monster head and little tyrannosaur arms.

    • Craigery

      WTF? I think you're confusing Giada de Laurentiis with Cee-Lo Green.

      • LucretiusCarus
        • DarkSurge

          All i see are some beautiful TATTIES!!!

        • DaFuk

          Wait, she has a head?!!

          • LucretiusCarus

            Come on! Look at the size of that thing!!! I think it has its own satellites.

            She does have a great rack, but her head is a force of nature.

            • Kate

              Thank you!! It's always bothered me how huge her head is!!

              • LucretiusCarus

                You're welcome, Kate. Honestly, the tiny tyrannosaur arms bug me more than the head, but they're both creepy.

        • Optimus_prime

          Made me lawl

          • Always Last

            Head! Beer! Now!!

  • shawthomas

    What have you done……

  • Logicyup

    #25 Not nearly enough bacon.

    • tv_paul

      Yeah, it also needs 4 slices of Taylor Ham under the bacon & eggs.

      • frankus

        pork roll. it needs 4 slices of pork roll…..

    • ImpressMe

      Thats why the pirates are so ornery…. bacon deficiency…

  • Logicyup

    I wonder how many people know his name is actually Carlos. For those that don't follow what I'm saying, I'm talking about "Chuck" Norris.

  • Brian


    For relaxing times, its Suntori time.

    • Dodo

      Yay lost in translation!

  • USSS Chiver

    #11 yep

    Also, anyone notice the KCCO picture on the desk in last nights episode of VEEP?

    • manicmachine

      unfortunately, its a "Keep Calm and Carry On"

      There is a point when the camera pans towards it, and you can see that the last word starts with a Ca as opposed to a Ch

      • manicmachine

        i rewound a couple of times to make sure too

        • USSS Chiver

          ah damn, i automatically associate anything green starting with keep calm as an instant KCCO reference.

  • MarthaJeane

    #26 I'll take mini-spiderman over the storm trooper. I heard he has #5 as his secret weapon.

    • BostonRugger

      That might be a mini-superman

      • MarthaJeane

        Damn tiny cell phone images, you're absolutely right.

        • BomberMan

          Yup, Superman Jr he be…in either case, him > Stormtrooper

          • BostonRugger

            Unless Doomsday is wearing a Stormtrooper costume

    • Craigery

      You can have both of them. I'm not into kids or dudes. I'll take the droids.

  • Jboarder37

    #8 just brightened my day.

  • jack henoff

    #11 fap time

    • F.S.M.

      When did telling the world your are about to masturbate become not only socially acceptable, but thumbs up worthy? Seriously…. WTF, STOP

      • Ajmay

        'you are' or 'you're'! Seriously…. WTF, STOP

        • F.S.M.

          It was not grammar errors, but simple typos and a lack of proof reading. I'm sure you feel really satisfied with your pointless knit picking though. Have fun with your tiny little life.

  • Martin_McFly

    #10 #5 Though there are some terrifying things in Australia… I know for a fact these "droids" are from there too!

  • Jame

    #3 Why isn't the hand in Kermit's head? Having it there will have no effect whatsoever

    • MattyDeuce

      It's backwards too!

    • Edd

      the truth , yes being fisted hurts like hell

      • etcrr

        i agree

    • angel

      No, no. This just means kermit voted for obama.

  • Dude

    #11 No text needed, just the picture is motivating enough.

  • joe pancake

    #10 imagine walking into that

    • tapsnapornap

      I'd prefer not too, actually

    • BigOkie

      I would have the outward appearance of being one "kung fu muthuafucka" and then would probably piss myself and cry a little bit.

    • Charley

      That is perhaps the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  • jack henoff

    #20 at least it can see that i'm hung like a mule

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #20 as long as they keep remembering this, they can never go all Skynet on us

  • Leafzru


    That song: "Why do good girls like bad guys"

  • echogeo

    True story, bro.

  • TX Country Boy

    Hey y'all. I ordered a mens 3D BFM. Turns out I got a black BFM two sizes too small (actual size, small). Any trades for a large or medium 3D? Or Irish KCCO?? I haven't worn the shirt I received. If interested, please reply. Thanks & KCCO.

    • MattyDeuce

      I would offer a regular KCCO but I see you have one already…hope it works out for you!

      • TX Country Boy

        Thanks anyway, man.

  • Edd


    Yes, being FIsted hurts like hell

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