Sports sandwiches (26 Photos)

  • iTzHellzone

    The only thing I got out of this is hunger…….for a sandwich!

  • jeff donuts

    terrible post

  • Yup!

    Lame post, and where are the t-shirts?? I want to BUY a Bill F'n Murray shirt!!! If the excuse is you don't "have a warehouse to store them in" than drop ship!!!!

  • Guest

    Athletes eat sandwiches?! no way!

  • Zinger

    Retarded post. Get rid of the banner ads they suck. No one clicks on them, intentionally.

  • Ghad

    dafuq is this?

  • Anomanom

    Anyone else notice that #6 and #7 share a sponsor?

  • Pooper

    #3 is that Rob Dyrdek in the past?

  • seanthecelt

    Phoning it in today Chive?
    At first I thought this would be mildly interesting, but it just never got good.

  • LooWho?

    #25 smallest Big Mac ever made… should have gone in small stuff post from earlier

  • SnidleeWhiplash

    I guess if you sit around and drink, this posting may sound like a really good idea, however, if you're sitting at your office looking for something to break up your day.. …This is really LAME

  • uhm

    Hey that's not will smith…

    You can't even say they look alike!

  • mshaw166

    #8 comes complete with the douchebag beard

  • Retired Navy

    No pizza & beer???? Take their man cards away!!!!

  • Big McLArge Huge

    wow….really ???!!!???

  • Jared

    If they were pics of sandwiches that look like people that would be very mildly amusing, but this is just people eating? Get it together guys…at the very least get back to stealing funny stuff off Reddit

  • shawn

    #17 woo! go texans!

  • Internet Man

    Straight copied post from very disappointed Chive,you're better than that!

  • THT

    #23 – sic'em

  • boolip

    Haha that big mac looks so small in his hand.

  • KCCO

    #15 who's this Guy?

  • Great White Buffalo

    Either Will Smith got fat and some plastic surgery, or someone doesn't know who the FRESH PRINCE is.

  • Jack

    Makes me hungry

  • zombie

    This is bullshit. Where's Happy fucking Gilmore?

  • really?

    Sports? Really? There are race car drivers and golfers. Those aren't sports. Come on, you can do better.

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