• Ken Kong

    make that dog think his insane.

  • Dan

    When you show him this video of himself I'm pretty sure his head will explode.

  • @ShitFemeVetSays

    "What is this sorcery!?"

  • guest

    get rid of the obama ads Chive!

  • Combine 017

    Shes shining a laser pointer onto the computer screen. The dog just wants that…

    • Frenchgirl

      yeah I saw that too!

  • Dave

    That dog is awesome! Too funny!

  • electric boogalo

    That dog knows more about the internet than most of Congress.

  • Ball


  • Joshua Johnson

    he looks like mark wahlberg when he twists his head..

  • XOXO

    He's so cute. I love when he goes up the cat like "are you real?"

  • Bryan_W

    "Come out of that floor screen demon sorcerer cat!"

  • Katie

    Hilarious! I love watching funny animals, but this is one of the best I've seen in a while.

  • Casotakar1229

    how cute.

  • Grizzly Graeme

    That dog will shit if he saw a video of himself!

  • edd

    To be fair Batman used this trick to defeat one of his enemies (who literally killed himself)

  • @AmerikanInfidel

    that poor dog, lol why would they do that to him! its not like they can explain it all out for him. His mind is going to blow.

  • st33

    Last 10 seconds…Dog's like…O, ok…I see what's going on here. Wag tail. Fuck you guys. I love you tho

  • gieldb

    Amazing puppy! He's gone be handful, he/she seems extremely intelligent. (a puppy realizing the correlation between the "screen cat" & their actual cat, that is pretty cool stuff)

  • Andres

    till when do we have to wait for dog sunday, chive???

  • Andrew Hagood

    Why is it that the head tilt is the cutest thing a dog can ever do? And how do they do it so well?! Dogs are just fuckin' awesome.

  • Joeboo

    I wouldn't do that to my dog(s).

    too soon?!

  • bjizzle

    Dogs are so much better than cats

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  • wkdfrog


  • Vagoes van Ronny

    Hi! After reading your submission, I’ve decided to bookmark your blog because your site rocks!

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