Daily Afternoon Randomness (54 Photos)

  • 4xaClown

    #23 She's 17 guys, put your willies back into your pants.

    • Plurp

      She is really cute.

      • elliott

        has nothing to do with that… noticed the caption is "Feel Old?" Im guessing nobody here ever listened to eminem when he was good. *Face Palm*

        • LIKE A BOSS

          Which was when?

          • Dr. Fap

            It was around the same time that you last listened to Justin Bieber. Yesterday.

      • Yes


    • pedo bear

      don't care

      • chiver

        too late, fapped before you told us…

        • LucretiusCarus

          Seriously–that's not really funny and it's pretty f'd up that so many Chivers voted it up. Is this a breeding ground for pederasts?

          • billshakes626

            Shut up.

          • A BiPolar Guy

            pederasts are men who like little boys. you probably meant pedophile but thats' wrong too since that's an adult who likes pre-pubescant children. Liking physically mature girls is called being a normal hetero man. 18 is somewhat arbitrary legal limit, not a moral or mental health line in the sand. The ages varies in different places, too. SO GO AWAY AND PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

            • LucretiusCarus

              You sir, are correct about the definition of pederasty, but it's also well-documented that pederasts engage in pedophilic behavior, both heterosexual and homosexual.

              I thought the "breeding ground" comment was clear in its implication that all the people voting this up were closeted pederasts. I'll be more explicit next time.

              • STFU

                or maybe you just STFU and go away? this isn't the first time you've been asked.

                • LucretiusCarus

                  Don't be hurt because I'm busting on your dream of being a sex offender. I'm sure you can still accomplish it if you really believe in yourself.

                  • dood

                    yes…. because people think a 17 year old girl is hot, they are perverts and pederasts. But the exact second the clock strikes midnight and she becomes 18 it is 100% OK for you to think so.

                    NOT A SECOND TOO SOON GUYS!!

                  • chivers

                    taking it a bit too far maybe, mr douche?

          • LIKE A BOSS

            The day before she turns 18 she'll still be 17 too, right? So does turning 18 make her magically fuckable? GTFO

          • Seano

            Ummmmm…..look up the legal age for consent…in most states, it isn't 18…it's 17.

            • Seano

              And in the state of Michigan…it's 16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_N

            • Seano

              Whoops, looks like 30 out of 50 states it's 16…womp woooomp SHE'S LEGAL.

              • LucretiusCarus

                Yeah, and in Arkansas it's okay to smash a 14 year old as long as you're 18 or younger. And in Delaware it's okay to bang 16 year olds as long as you're not over 30. Does that make it okay for adult men to talk about banging 16 and 17 year olds? Not really, I don't think, but apparently most of you would-be pedos do. I can only assume the bulk of you voting this thing up don't have daughters, or maybe don't have kids at all.

                • http://www.facebook.com/justin.critchley Justin Critchley

                  in short, yes. Yes it does.

          • xxwhodatxx

            Actually that was fucking hilarious.

    • mike

      fine i will…but only for a year…then its right back out…

    • Joe

      fapped to the barbie…

    • MOAR

      Horrible volleyball shoes. Girls gunna turn an ankle.

      • davidv

        2/10 would not bang

    • http://www.facebook.com/iamboredatwork MasterDrank

      one more year.. tops

    • Yup

      Close enough

    • dirtbag

      17 is the age of consent in many states like Texas, New York, etc….if she lives in Detroit, where daddy is from, it is 16…..unless you are a teacher. Then it is always off limits for you.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

        Detroit isn't a state…………..I thought it was like part of…..that glove looking state…right?

        • chiver

          It isn't a state, and probably shouldn't be part of the USA, but unfortunately it is…

      • Tex

        17 is classified as age of consent in Texas because you can be tried as an adult if you are over the legal drinking age and mess with a 17 year old you go to jail for rape

        • trident

          you sound like you would know

        • Cantaloupe

          Who the fuck ran off with your punctuation?

        • TomatoTipper

          I don't think you understand the age of "consent". We'll take Michigan for example because I grew up there. The age of consent is 16, meaning you have the choice to have sex with someone between the ages 16 and 18. If you're 18 and have sex with a 16 year old you can get in trouble for statutory rape.

    • perv


    • Taco_Depot

      point missed entirely.

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      Like simple math, just do them in your head.

    • its_forge

      Except of course for the massive armada of you that are 17 or younger.

    • I-Need-$$

      I still hear " My dad gone crraazzyyy! " ugh I'm old for 31

    • Sebastian

      Legal in my Country. Canada FTW!

    • jim

      17 is the new 21. By 17, most girls nowadays have done it all, just not done it well…

    • derpetta

      Just because it got top comment on imgur doesnt mean itll work here lol

    • Stan

      16 in UK – She'd get it, even tho she's rough.

    • Brandon

      She's 16…. Ya I googled it but I'm only 17:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.w.sharp Eric W. Sharp

      legal in michigan

    • Irish

      Well it`s 16 in Canada so what`s your point? You can still comment on how attractive a person is.

    • Anon

      Legal in Texas!!!

    • Beavis

      Reading the comments on this photo make me realize that very few people actually "got it", meaning, what the image was intended to mean. I guess I'll have to explain it *sigh*

      When Eminem was at the peak of his popularity when he first broke though into mainstream, there was a TON of controversy surrounding his wife Kim and Daughter Haley. His first couple of albums where all about completely bashing Kim and taking Haley away from him etc. Anyone that knew anything about Eminem in the late 90's knew about these controversies.

      Anyone that was in High School (or even a teenager) in the late 90's should understand why this pic makes you feel old. Eminem's entire early career was based off bashing Kim for taking Haley from him (she was only 3-4 years old at the time). Haley is now almost 18….this is why it makes people feel old. It has nothing to do with "how hot she is".

      • Anomanom

        You're not wrong on any point. But given the audience, "hey she's hot" takes precedence over any other intended meaning.

      • Idius

        I'm not even an Eminem fan, and i knew that. It's just that a few select Chivers have been really douchey lately assuming that every picture of a female has to be sexual in nature. Take it like a Buddhist monk every once in a while and just appreciate beauty for beauty.

    • Deana

      she is gorgeous – just like her daddy 🙂

    • JRUSS

      problem?? nope

    • haeddre

      Yikes… do any of you have daughters? just curious… don't get all boxer bunched and bitch… just a question…

      • Idius

        Over the past few days a few Chivers have been saying "Pedo" about every little thing. I think that most of it was the majority of Chivers giving those guys a hard time.

        Not everything has to be dirty.

    • DannyGlover

      Idius is correct. The Chive is slowly evolving onto a site for d-bags. Cliche and over produced. The Chive has promoted itself into the inevitable mediocrity of mainstream acceptance. This can be said of the Pepsi corporation, McDonalds, and various other businesses. Profitable? Yes. Respected. Generally no. Success, exclusivity, and crediblity are a fine balance. This includes many of the above mentioned comments. She looks young, not hot. Really young. Unless you are her age, its just kind of gross. I am slowly losing interest and my ability to relate to this site. Ebaumsworld 2.0.

  • Yessirr

    The DAR is early 😀 ….also #46. Thank you.

    • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

      I think you have to see the chiver's reaction to that photo to see what pure joy looks like.

      • 650

        haha I was gonna say something like "unless my laptop suddenly sprouted a webcam…"

    • Paula's Mom

      You're hired, salary doubled.

    • Oops

      How do you spell whore?

    • Dayo

      anyone else think the faucet is in a funny place?

      • boob gazer

        what faucet?

    • KyleGamgee

      Pure joy. Check.

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      very, very nice rack lady

    • Truth

      Good tits don't make up for that nose.

    • Smitty

      Also what photoshop looks like. Look at the picture, I mean really LOOK at it… the arm positions, the black shirt the shadows and the airbrushed look on the 'skin' that is showing.

      For shame Chive. For shame.

      Reminds me of that pic of that kid with the fake as hell abs.

      Prove me wrong and send more pics.

      • thirdeyeblind

        I see what you did there.

    • JustSayin'

      Perfectly normal, healthy reaction to quitting a job. Every time I change positions, I unzip my pants and take pictures of my balls. There is nothing desperate or slutty about this.

  • The Truth

    #15 WELL DONE!!

    • Martin_McFly

      seems like Erin Young might have some good competition!

      Good for you, First Time Chivette!

      • Brosephus

        Others here called it out–porn whore. Check it out. That should be an automatic disqualification.

    • pedo bear

      hands off…she's mine.

      but seriously…she looks 16

      • biggles

        Only took the second poster douchebag to mention age. Congratulations. You have won the biggest asshole award.

        How does it feel, to never get laid.

        • Always Last

          Thank you theChive policeman – thanks for keeping us all aligned with your views.

    • anony

      give her a shot at the title

    • pop-tart

      what a little hottie-

    • st33

      Dammit. Why did they take away the amazing boob picture. Damn you Chive!!

      • fact

        It's still on the mobile ap. Finally, the mobie app did it right:)

      • Anon

        It's gone from the mobile app now…She must be pedobear approved.

        • her breasts

          unfortunate… the pic of here titties was splendid

        • mobile

          still in the mini image wall paper thing before you see the individual pic… epic

        • Fapper

          The picture came up for me, truly amazing, just fapped.

          • SigEpChiver

            Wasted fap. Dudes below called her out on doing porn–including anal. Your loss. Maybe next time, bro.

      • Wesley

        So I wasn't hallucinating! Ok, mebbe I was, but I still saw beewbs.

    • blue_bronco

      I need to see an ID

      • mobile

        I'd like to see a full frontal

    • Mutant

      Buck teeth

      • Fapper

        She can gnaw on my carrot…

    • Saveferris

      Have a seat over there….

    • nopedo
      • Terwilliger

        Thanks…those are nice.

    • PenthouseTommy

      Super boobage picture is still on mobile app. And (.)(.) they are Fanfreakingtastic! Thanks hotness!

    • Bob

      this chick did porn. she is definitely on a girlsdoporn episode. you are welcome

      • Fapper

        I think he is right, Jenna Angel

      • Brosephus

        Mad props for calling out the porn-whore. Anal and everything. Glad we can all count on the perverts here to help the rest of us out.

        • Always Last

          Really? Perverts? Thank Billy Graham – who are you to label people you hypocrite?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale


    • JustSayin'

      She looks a little different without a huge pile of man-phlegm splattered across her face.

  • Martin_McFly

    #9 Oh Geez!!! Things are getting exciting now!!

    • JOH


    • HUH?

      at first glance i thought she had her pants around her ankles. that is all.

    • Guest

      Cool, now I can sniff it without bending over.

    • Epic_Failure1

      mad skills on that girl. I will take two just like her one in brunette and one in blond

  • Chivers

    We hate fat girls.

    • Rush.Pike

      Speak for yourself.

    • 4xaClown

      No, you hate fat girls. The only girls we hate are those that are ugly on the inside.

      • mark

        nah, I don't like fat girls either.

    • roKz

      damn right we do and first! damn fattys taking all the lines cause they so fat

      • Vicwick

        What's it like living without a dick?

        • Wrong

          What's it like living without eyes?

    • Truth McFacterson

      Negative thumbs. . .? Either there are a lot of fat girls DAR'ing, or a lot of gay guys fag haggin' for fatties. There are only two things worse than fat girls in this world: non-alcolic beer and the Pontiac Aztecs.

      • pktwsu99

        So, Truth, anyone who put a negative thumbs is either a fat girl or a gay guy? Way to be a true Chiver. I hope you accidentally buy non-alcoholic beer, and then get cut off by a Pontiac Aztec coming out of the parking lot.

      • JustSayin'

        Wrong, there are three things.

        1) non-alcoholic beer
        2) Pontiac Aztecs
        3) dip shits who use the word "chive" as a verb.

        I'd bang fat chicks every day for the rest of my life if I didn't have to hear another nonsensical "chive on"' or see another stupid, unoriginal t-shirt

        • Steph

          You sir, need to move on. Keep it going…a little more……

          • Truth

            Sure, Steph. I'll bet you pretend to think it's funny when one of these fuck-heads says "get in the kitchen and make a sammich" or some other unoriginal bullshit like that.

            Chivers are douchebags, including the one who made the original post of this thread. Get some self esteem and stop trying to be the "cool girlfriend."

            Oh, I'm sorry. He only hits you because he loves you. My bad.

            • Truth

              And I'm a different "Truth", for the record.

        • Lotus

          You read my mind!

        • BearMan

          Am i missing something here? Some of ya'll are hating on chivers while commenting in a thread on The Chive. Correct me if i'm wrong, which i tend to be, but isn't that just a wee bit hypocritical or at least nonsensical?

          • Truth

            No, you are wrong. "Chivers" are self-identifying dipshits who high five, self promote, and recycle other people's jokes to try to come off as clever. That is what they do between games of beer pong tournaments and date-rape trials.

            I come here when I'm bored to look at sluts and stupid pictures. The Celtics' game is over now so I ran out of other shit to do.

            • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

              aaaah Truth, sometimes you make me laugh

            • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

              and i agree with the recycling jokes thing, i'm getting sick of the repetitive comments. sometimes you get find a gem but most of the time its just "MOAR" and thats just stupid

        • Tim

          "3) dip shits who use the word "chive" as a verb. "

          Thank you. I like coming to this site, great content. #3 drives me crazy, though. Glad I'm not alone.

    • fat head

      fat chicks usually give pretty good head, just hope nobody sees you with them..

    • Holy Shit WTF

      i love FAT GIRLS………..


    #54 I approve

    • OhSomeEvil

      awesome rocking nips

    • MarkFJ40

      Although you can't argue see thru with nipples is pretty darn good white tank top no bra is a personal fav.

    • Joe

      big banged my pants

    • MAX

      hell yes! MOAR PLEASE!!!!!!

    • KyleGamgee

      #53 Huh. For most of my female friends with a noticeable difference, it is the right that is bigger…

      • Riley Freeman


      • chestboy76

        still amazing either way.

    • Ander


    • chestboy76

      Can somebody confirm if this is shopped or not? If not, i'm dying!!!!!!

    • EllenD


    • Wolvman
  • Chiefhenry27

    #43 Perfect women. In the kitchen, making sammiches, taking orders. ❤

    • femme power

      u unoriginal bastard, any1 who thumbs this up is a misogynistic douche w a small penis-

      • doughy


        Seriously?!? your spouting off insults directed at men cause they are making jokes of women, or as your saying insulting women? Wouldn't that mean you're doing the same thing that you're disapproving?
        You talk equality, but you don't give it? you are a hypocritical ass munching twatwaffle.

        Equality means the same for everyone across world, so that means, by making fun of women, they are getting the exact same treatment as everyone else. By not leaving out any race, colour, sex, The Chive is being an equal rights opportunity comedic website. So, go shave your armpits, legs and wax your moustache and get some dick so you can stop using that stick in your ass.

        • Albondigas

          cry into your douche and inhale

    • :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

      People, for the love of god, lets make "femme power" rage. like that comment.

      • derpidyderp

        Being a smart ass doesn't make you any less of a sexist douche.

        Then again, it just makes you like every other dick swinging, unoriginal frat boy here.

        • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

          All he's saying is that his perfect woman would work at a small diner where she has to help in the kitchen sometimes. Sometimes you people can make such a big deal out of nothing.

          • Wrong

            Not funny, dipshit.

        • http://www.facebook.com/whaled09 Seth Whaley

          Everyone here freaking out needs to KCCO. There's no reason to take something someone commented so seriously. We all love women, so let's love each other…

          • Truth

            Sorry, dude, but "chive" isn't a verb and I won't do whatever the fuck you think you are suggesting. This post clearly taps into a role forced on women for generations and has limited their opportunities personally and professionally. It's like taking a post about a black girl and making a comment about picking cotton. It's out of line.

            • Fiction

              It's people like you that finally let me close my internet browser. sexually-frustrated-rager level exceeded.

    • JustSayin'

      You do realize that you are a sexist fuck, right?

      Why don't you just tell her that she has to give you mandatory blowjobs and she should only work as a secretary or nurse?

      Oh, right, You are a "chiver." You probably already say those things.

    • Steve

      Sexist or not. That is an amazing looking sammich and she could make me one anyday.

    • Trav1121

      That sammich looks grooooss. Bananas and Nutella? Where is the bacon, lettuce n tomato? The thought is appreciated tho! Thank you. 🙂

    • I<3whitegirls


    • Holy Shit WTF

      I will make any woman a sammich any time they ask. In fact i will massage her feet as she eats it. ENOUPH, with the bullshit. Treat women equally. Because if you start kissing their ass or giving them orders they will lose respect for you. YAY EQUALITY!

      • TheGuyAboveMeIsAHomo


    • dlow

      Is that healthy? Hohenberg can't read labels

    • yomomma

      It's "woman" not "women". She is a singular WOMAN. This isn't the first time I've seen this shameful grammatical mishap in chive comments. "duh hyuk, that's a fine women showin hur tits there"

      As for the anti-sexism comments, you people need to realize that this girl brought it upon herself by giving these pathetic commentators what they wanted: her making a sandwich. Most of the girls on this site are a bunch of attention whores who need to validate their hotness (or really, their perceived self worth) by being slutty yet SFW at the same time. It's a fucking joke. There's PORN on the internet people. It's fucking FREE. Yet you guys come here and talk about all the dirty things you'd do to these wannabe porn stars. Let's not forget the Find Her albums where it's okay to stalk random girls in hopes of finding more pictures to gawk at (let's face it, nobody is jacking it to SFW pics). These hot girl albums are a waste of time in my opinion. I only really check theChive for its funny/interesting pics and videos.

      Drunken rant over

      • yomomma

        and Space Jam was fuckin AWESOME

      • AV Club

        I'm the girl in the picture. This certainly became a very heated topic. I honestly did not make that caption, the chive did. Nor have i ever submitted to the SC. My hubby hates nutella..I know…blasphemy. That sandwich was strictly for my hungry belly.

        • Correct

          I'm leaning toward believing this. It was meant to be a nutella submission and the douchebag chive editors turned it into a "bitch, make me a sammich and a blowjob" submission.

        • Always Last

          If it is you, maybe you should contact theChive editors and get that rectified.

      • JustSayin'

        Sure, all of the submissions are desperate attention-whores with zero self esteem–who shows their cleavage to celebrate quitting a job?!?!–and that attitude makes them tragically unattractive IRL.

        That said, I still enjoy looking. Sometimes you don't want to see a girl biting a pillow. Fortunately, #15 gave us both.

    • Deb

      Man…people sure need to calm down and take a joke. I think that's what's wrong with the world today, people are so high strung and uptight at the first sight of anything mildly offensive. I'm a woman and I found this image hysterical. People take the world too seriously….lighten up folks.

      *sigh* Where is George Carlin when you need him?

      • Always Last

        Last time I checked, George was still dead.

    • some guy

      I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who staunchly refuses to try nutella just because everyone says how great it is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000422857556 Sylvain Roy


      just ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

      so much noise for a lousy comment, you ppl start to sound like hour students in quebec =P

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000422857556 Sylvain Roy


        yeah I know im hopeless…

  • Yessirr

    #22 For the record, Mike, I fucking loved Space Jam as a kid.


      I used to get in trouble for "spit shine" in the kitchen when I was little all the time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller

      It was a quality movie as a kid!

    • HairyLarry

      I still love space jam

      • MollyMcJagger

        Damn right! What's with all this "as a kid" shit. Still awesome. Jordan, Toons, BFM. Done.

      • Yessirr

        Ok I admit it, so do I. It was on TV one night last week… and hell yes I watched it. BFM for the win.

    • https://www.facebook.com/chaoticbeauty6 Tatiana Campuzano

      still a bad ass movie!!

    • jeff donuts

      Fuck that shit.terrible movie

      • LIKE A BOSS

        Psshh, more like jeff NOnuts, WOOOO! High five to myself!

    • cardinaldave

      I wore out the tape on my VHS until it wouldn't play in my VCR anymore. That movie was the shit.

  • MoChive

    are they reeling him in or throwing him back?

    • bob_the_cook

      Neither. They're hazing the F.N.G

    • HatBomb

      Catch and release, thems the rules!

  • Chiefhenry27

    #9 …the possibilities…

    • fact

      blond with bad breath???

      • Travis


    • its_forge

      The possibilities of her having the musculature to crack your skull like a pistachio nut with her thigh muscles.

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    #2 please insert every couple with matching facebook profile pictures

    • HatBomb

      And same side sitters, all same side sitters.

      • Rafael_RS

        beat me by 50 minutes

        • Rafael_RS


    • dan0mite

      and fb combined couples. 2 ppl w/ 1 account = whooped.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      No do facebook…me win!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #40 Mac's brother

    • andfukyamoms

      What a fucking kingpin

    • tralfaz


    • Andrew

      Or Helga Pataki's…

    • http://www.facebook.com/chris.thomas.336 Chris Thomas

      Those McPoyle brothers are everywhere!

  • BostonChiver34

    off to Fenway Park for the Sox game!! Chive On to all my fellow Bostonian Chivers and Chivettes out there!!!

    Chive On from Boston!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller

      Have fun at the game, the Yard House that just opened up down the street is a great pre/post game spot


      • Kyle

        Yes it is. On the Grand Opening, I met a fellow chiver there.

    • Moses

      Go Oakland!

      • Oakland Sucks!

        Fuck You!

  • MatadorPride

    #15 Well, hello there!

    • Mr.Wilson

      Legal or is pedobear watching?

      • Bob

        she did a porn movie, so no pedobear. girlsdoporn i think

  • Picard_

    #9 And it's official, leg warmers are sexy again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller


    • Devin_Medrano

      They've always been sexy on the right woman

    • 16inchzipper

      Always have been as far as I'm concerned.

    • sdawson22

      she has legs?

    • Gfg

      Except for those nasty feet…

    • JT1120

      What leg warmers? Oh, those.

  • Daniel Tosh

    The old ladies forgot to say that the Kim Kardashian sex tape is boring.

    • Joe

      Agreed. It's been an hour since I saw the Kate Upton video. I don't know what the "cat daddy" is, but talk about talent. She was all by herself and not even naked. The torque from my erection ripping through my pleated khakis broke the fucking sound barrier.

    • Seeatertits

      That porn sucks

  • EXPm

    FIRST! Please?

    • Trav1121

      The lineup for failures is over, next to your parent's futon.

  • pickleman77

    #17 Hungry fella?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller

      I am now…

    • fella

      Yes. Yes I am…

  • st33

    Early dar = huge success for this chick

    • 4xaClown

      Also, fuck cancer!

    • weather22

      close your mouth. you are nowhere near as attractive as you think you are.

      • Brosephus

        Apparently, according to that video, whenever she closes her mouth, she just opens her butthole. Make of that what you will.

    • Bob
      • Brosephus

        This. Bob +22

    • Fapper

      Jenna Angel

  • beezley


    Nice nipples.

    • fact


    • bighipsrule

      Chivers approve!!!!

  • theViRUS

    spiderman tattoos on your dumb neckline. tatfool.

    • zaffa

      Her stupid tattoo will look just as good as her boyfriends ears in 20 years.

      • Ghost of John Ritter

        Disgusting whores are disgusting. It is a known fact.

        • Paul from the gump

          well, that went a little far, didn't it?

    • Dude Imbibes

      Yeah I love the fact that she WOULD tattoo Spider-Man on herself but I just don't think that she SHOULD have.

      • Paul from the gump

        Im not so concerned about the content. Just the placement.

      • T AFFA BS

        well thats your opinion, she can do what the fuck she wants! worry about yourself.

  • driftwoodprose

    I'm going to stick with #53, the alternative just looks trashy.

    • mike

      alright…we heard you loud and queer.

      • William_Murray

        Loud and queer. That was funny as hell… It needs more thumbs up

      • sdawson22

        I see what you did there!

    • TX Country Boy

      I have to agree. Hot, but trashy. This is sexy hotness.

    • Meowmix

      Corny show, great boobs. Just watch on mute, I guess

    • spenny

      you have just lost your man card……

    • L penetrador

      You misspelled "I'm gay"

  • mike

    i am thoroughly enjoying the nipples on 54.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      OMG GUYS I SAW A NIPPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blub_glub

    #6 amen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller

      Story of my life

    • Slim Jim

      same thing here, i hate it.

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      that's my life, right there 😦 ha

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000422857556 Sylvain Roy

      not just a couple times….

  • IM_ON_A_B0AT

    #1 .. good catch

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