I miss college: finals edition (60 Photos)

  • Floppyknot

    #47 Go POKES!!! Oh and we need MOAR!!!

  • PKP 725

    #25 So basically anytime there are people in the street at Kent State SWAT is called. Whether it's a protest of a party someone is getting hit with tear gas.

  • Dizz

    You are sensational. I Love seeing wyoming chivettes……we NEED MOAR!!!!!

  • Chive KP Alum

    #58 I recognize those PT shirts. You can actually get 4 40's in if you use Deli on the Green bags.

  • JustTrollin

    #6 The chick on the left has an AWESOME ass!

  • Tardy

    #16 The best party that only white people are invited to. The only thing missing is a burning cross.

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    #7 Go Bills
    #6 #23 #37 I want to go back to college 😛

  • DubU2Death

    #38 Go Longhorns!!!

  • DubU2Death

    #43 I would stomp all over them and blame whoever put them there

  • cheeseSammich

    #6 – the one on the right, MOAR!
    #23 – the one on the right… currently loosing at strip whatever.
    #32 – sounds like me at work 😀
    #52 – MOAR!

  • medivd

    wow cant belive #24 didgot a computer science degree. there was not girl as gorgeous in my department

  • steve

    #24 Oh my god! Cutest blonde around. Must have moar!!

  • Matt


    Congrats from a fellow UMD Comp Sci Alum!

  • supremedouche

    The shit at the bottom is bullshit

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Were there no women in the Old South?

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