• Turrebo

    I too have some talents. Unfortunately they do not include dancing or being hot.

  • Iam_Davey

    She jiggles so fine!

  • mike

    i need to mastur-kate upton

  • DChiver

    Is it just me, I can't take my eyes of her pretty face a beautiful smile… ❤

  • Animal

    Kate almost makes me able to overlook the suck-ass "music."

  • Rej

    Pause at 0:24 and let your imagination run free… 🙂

  • Guru

    Oh my! I would drink her bath water and I don't even like bath water.

  • B!!!

    I'm gonna walk it off, Its the pleats. I'm gonna have the pleats taken out , at the pants store

  • Dave

    Dam she reminds me of an ex… BOY…. did I have fun!

  • dave franco

    Nice curvy girl. Love to see more in hollywood.

  • @weavty1

    Thank you, for the love of God.

  • Pat


  • Big Mike

    I can't seem to get the smile off my face !! …. and I'm completely ok with that ! SPLOOOSH

  • Michael Alen Pugh

    Melanie Iglesias did it a trillion times better… sorry.

  • zombielogic

    That guy looks like the president of NAMBLA

  • nice tits

    The ultimate Tease, she just needs to get naked now.

  • Fox

    seeing her doing it in a bikini is very unattractive IMO. it just looks weird.

  • dewey

    That rustled my jimmies

  • RealityCheck

    She's so overrated, her body is nothing to write home about

  • ryan

    so who else saw this video at work and came home and watched it again by yourself

  • Terry

    What is that?? Oh nenermind, that's jizz on my computer screen!

  • Eder St Cool

    I don't see it. She's hot, but some of the Chivettes are hotter. Amiright?

  • @EirikGr
  • eltorito

    we need more vid like this one dammm she is hella good

  • vlad

    like that body moving

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