• that guy

    my penis and mind are thinking the same thing

  • ATown

    best birthday present ever

  • rampant ramblings

    If I could take you out on a date I would take you out to a nice seafood dinner and let you insist on paying for yourself but we both know that won't happen. Then i will take you dancing (catdaddy optional as is the bikini). Though I won't teach you how to Dougie I will give a lesson in Salsa and The Bernie and even the Charleston (if your into that sorta thing). If you are then I would propose then and there.

  • CZDR73

    SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY… Damn near choked while I saw this

  • madman

    my pants are getting tight!

  • Meatball

    this needes to be brought back to theChive so it can be tapped!!!

    • nim


  • chris

    Youtube video disabled, available still on TMZ

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