Mining Russia’s social networks for diamonds (31 Photos)

  • window


    Is she available for purchase?

    • hankalank

      You'll have to beat me to it. Just bought my ticket to Russia.

    • Fall

      They are really beautiful when they are young. But I don't know what it is about Russian women, when they age they turn into hideous monsters.
      And I know that from experience, I live by Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

      • DaddyD

        I have this theory that there is a machine somewhere in Moscow that converts most of the tall, thin young women into short, fat, dumpy old ladies. Only a few of these beauties will manage to avoid the machine.

        On the other hand, Russian (and other FSU) women are generally more willing to consider marrying an older man, so get one while they're hot, and go back for another later.

      • Random

        Growing up across the street from Astroland, I concur!

    • name

      she looks a lot like carriecheeks. look her up but its most likely nsfw

      • carriecheeks

        yes. It is carricheeks… all you guys are morons, now my pic sets will be removed =]

    • Jessica

      She's so not Russian

  • Chiefhenry27

    #26 yes, I'm intrigued too.


      When are you going to do a POST on BRAZILIAN WOMEN!!!!!! KC BRAZILIAN ASS!!!!

  • tv_paul


    Very Cute.

    • Chive Man

      I have a picture of her bum!

      • UHHH....DUHHH


        • Matt

          Look her up…She's not Russian…Her name is Kalee Carroll (SFW)

  • akbrown006

    #2 you are gorgeous….. can we please get MOAR of this!!!!?????

    • mike

      yes! very much moar we need of this

    • Google

      my guess is Jessica "TrancePrncess" Urizar!/trancePrncess

      • Curly

        no way, that chick is way thicker and is lacking that amazing gap

    • JMiracle

      Go to Sensation White, Ultra Music Festival or future A State of Trance gigs and you will!

      • James Gibbins

        Well noticed!! ASOT550 was insane.

  • Van

    Pass =P

    • stephen

      keep mining. only found a couple diamonds.

  • Vladimir Putin

    They all look like mail order brides.

    • Trez

      And this is a problem because……..?

  • echogeo

    If these Russian women want American husbands they need to start posing in the kitchen. Preferably frying bacon.

    • TheUChiver

      Bewbs and bacon, the way to any red blooded 'mericans heart!

  • iambigd42

    #2 good mother of all that is gorgeous

    • wokka

      I guess it defines how one thinks of gorgeous, you cant even see a face yet shes gorgeous???

      • USSS Chiver

        How about exceedingly well built?

  • JLee

    #21 Allo. You like go club vit me?

    • Underbaker

      Why is that duck trying to eat that kitten?

    • AndyRew711

      "so vi can roofie you. yahh?"

  • F3n1x187

    #26 mother of god what do they give to this girls!!!! Too bad the crazy / sane ratio is a little off over there

    • Shane

      The crazy ones are good in bed tho

  • Lil John


    • Anon


    • TLSSA


  • frankus


  • eljefe9

    #26 FTW

  • winfields

    #20…. allllll daaaaaay

    • MAGSGQ

      She looks like a 14 year old pimped out.

  • Fourteen

    #14 Daaaaamn.

  • Boofer

    # 1,14,25,26,33 MOAR

  • Brian


    In soviet Russia….
    of fuck it, just DAAAMMMMMNNNN!

    • Woop

      Damn it man i was think that too. #26 is damn good too.

  • nivek2798

    #18 #29yummy I need moar

    • Matt

      #29 Kalee Carroll…not Russian but still hot

  • dea9

    #14 GIVE ME!

    • rib cage

      a sandwich.

  • Ricky Ross

    #28 This chick looks like a gold digger. "You give me the monies and I give you the sexy"

    • Hero_Status

      here's the monies so!!!

    • John

      Which one doesn't look like a gold digger?

      • Jessica

        Oh you poor guys with hurt egos STOP calling every pretty girl a gold digger – Get your ass up from CHIVE and go to WORK lazy bustards

  • dominantone

    Makes me want to visit a place I other wise had no desire to see.

  • LucretiusCarus

    All hot. All batshit crazy. I guarantee it.

    But hey, the crazy f*ck better, right?

    #2 and #21 would be worth the whackjob moments, though.

  • Boofer

    #25 and #26 The best on the thread

    • Dr. Armless

      #25's arms were amputated in a radical new cosmetic surgery to place more emphasis on the chest. It's all the rage in eastern Europe.

  • joe

    #28 do u want to live in the usa

  • DemonDan

    #26 …two words. Yum. Me.

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