Sexy Inc. (48 photos)

  • Nathplo


  • Big_Curt

    Sexy tattos are just fine but those big ass holes in the ear are not

    • @beerclinton

      Nobody likes a big asshole.

    • Hunter X

      actually, tattoos aren't really sexy….sexy is sexy. These tattoos on a morbidly obese chick don't have the same effect, eh? Just sayin'.

      • mkpo

        I disagree. I've seen many a chick's sexiness be enhanced by a well placed tattoo.

        In fact, I had a crush on a girl (friend of my friend) and one day I realized it mostly came down to her awesome tattoos; that if she didn't have any tattoos she would be a pretty average looking girl.

      • Jesus

        Most tattoos aren't sexy for 2 reasons: 1) They are done badly, too trashy, or in the wrong spot. 2) They look unfinished.

        Sexy tattoos should enhance a part of your anatomy that is already sexy, not draw attention to an ugly body part. Why do you think tramp stamps and barbed wire on arms are so popular? It should also flow with a person's style and look natural on them. A person's natural style dictates what type and how much ink a person can have. Bonus points for originality. Even if it's the right tat in the right place, being unfinished kills the look. Most people think mine is unique and suits me, but still doesn't look quite right, and is pissing me off. It's unfinished. 80% of people don't have a good eye for tattoos, but they think they do.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Yeah….. #3 isn't even moderately attractive. I'm all about self expression through tattoos and what not… but a 3" hole in your ear is ludicrous

      • Evan

        I think #3 is a babe. Maybe that's just my taste in women though.

    • Luda

      They Spelled INK wrong!!!

    • Andy

      I have to agree, there are so many people with tattoos these days the novelty is completely gone (for me).
      A tanned, toned fit body is much sexier.

      • The2nd

        Small tattoos in curvy areas do enhance a girls shape

      • brixx

        The tanned (most of the time fake) girls are a dime a dozen too my friend. Its all been done

        • Always Last

          What it all comes down to, in my opinion, is that so many people today get the cheap-ass crappy tattoo artists to do their work and it only gets worse over time. I think there was a post on theChive previously that showed 3-4 levels of pricing on a tattoo of a lion – that really gives a good graphic example of what a $30 tattoo versus a $500 tattoo looks like. The reason most of these folks get cheap tattoos is because they want a lot of them. I've always subscribed to the better vice more theory.

  • clamster

    #36, damn fine.

    • cantreadgood

      Ed Hardy. No thanks

    • cheeseSammich

      Burned It!

  • Nick

    Babes. They're all babes.

    • The Truth

      I suspect that all of the sexy ladies would be even sexier minus the tats…

    • McIrish

      #10 #29 same tat

    • John

      Trailer trash every one of them

  • Nathplo


  • Hendo

    I'll have a #25 with a side of #16 & #18.

    • Hemdo

      F it, just gimme the whole menu.

    • mojo77

      #25..Jessica Jayne Clement I beleive

      • Chris Barkley

        16 tristyn suicide.

      • Stan

        Yup, some NSFW shots out there too.

      • swag

        she bought those tits fyi

  • JLee

    #23 Pity.

    • Chuck

      Incredibly freakin' hot!

    • YouMadBro

      pity she's way out of your league? yeah i know..

  • yoyo

    who is #20?

    • mike~

      someone please help! She is so fine!

    • Guyb

      Some Asian hooker in the VD clinic?

      • passwordistaco

        I thumbed it down while laughing my ass off

    • echogeo

      She's all kinds of sexy. Slight resemblance to Brooke Burke.

    • Chuck

      What a body!!

    • Habsy

      Someone please find this before I ….awww dam to late

    • Chlo

      Please please please find!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DiRock

      HAHA that one's cool

  • Chalkinhard

    #25 holy satan sexa!

    • Do0zer

      jessica jane clement

    • mike

      Jessica Jane Clement

      • Rich

        That's gotta be the sexiest woman I've ever seen

  • ti-dop

    #25 nice…

    • Big_Curt

      pretty sure its jessica jane clement and that shes a goddess

  • dude 2

    #25 ftw

  • PenthouseTommy
    • irv

      instant chub!

  • Ziplab

    herp derp

  • cgbra44

    Im in love with this post every damn time you guys put er up.

  • jimbo

    what happens to the tummy tatoos after pregnancy? lol

    • James

      Who fucking cares?

    • cheeseSammich

      That's what we need, a full post of tummy tattoos before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Bill

    #3 is Sweeeeett!!

    • Guest

      Rachel with Advanced Armament

      • Anon

        Many thanks…

      • etcrrisadouche

        whooo long neck

    • Kyle429

      The tattoos are all fine, but those big-ass plugs in her ears are not. Gauges are fine if they are small, but when you can fit a damn telephone pole through your ear lobes, it's just fucking ugly.

    • Nate Bogner

      I want her to be the future mother of my unwanted aborted children.

    • joe blow

      yech!! nasty

    • ryan

      Amazingly Hot!

    • thechevron

      gok wan

    • Dave

      I'm in Love.

  • big_james

    #37 WOW I am in LUST!!

    • RicH

      Nip slip?

  • MrMagicFingers

    Hate me for saying this, but I just don't like so much ink on girls

    • taylor

      110% agree

      • Osgood

        Yep. Most of them were hot without the ink.

        • bigbadbrod

          they are all hot….but what are some of them going to look like when they hit 40, 50, 60.
          hey Grandma….whats with the pistols in your belt.

          • dave

            how hot is any woman when they're old?

    • Monte Chiver

      Moar for me!

    • Michael G

      Then why are you look at the chicks with tats post?

      • DrFunkenstein

        The title on the main page says Sexy Inc. I was misled in here as well.

  • sodapants

    #25 almost makes up for no Lights.

  • abe froman

    #25 Doing it right.

  • hankalank

    These are all relevant to my interest. Especially #28

    • daved

      Kaylee Danger!!!

    • MattKL

      She made me go "Daaaaamn!"

    • Chuck

      That is an awsome ass!!

  • @bckwdboi

    Sexy and ink go together like PB & J .
    #6 Stopped me from scrolling

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Agreed, best one of the bunch

    • newscot

      Leilani Dowding. The tattoos are 'shopped.

      • @bckwdboi

        Well that's just not right. Lol

      • mike

        was just about to write the exact same thing

    • Derek

      you missed #25 then

    • Jonny

      you know I love tats as much as the next guy… but I am actually kinda glad that they are shopped b/c she is gorgeous

  • Paula's Mom

    #13 Oh my, look at the backdoor on this one.

    • MattKL

      It's very bouncable.

    • Paula's uncle

      Thats not the back door, thats the back porch. I don't think chive shows doors.

  • sst4

    #6 #23 wow… just wow, so beautiful

    • BigDonger

      #6 is UK page 3 girl Leilani dowding. Just sayin'.

  • Tom

    'Now starring in your dreams #25'

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