Sexy Inc. (48 photos)

  • ACEY1987

    #14 FTW

  • Krazy_K

    6 was the one but then I got to 25. Oh my my

  • Krissy

    I am a 19 year old college student at ASU, tall, blonde and sexy! What are these girls thinking??? We need to grow up America! Your bad decisions today, will live with you for the rest of your life!!
    P.S. They are Ugly and Trashy!!!

  • Me1

    I will take a #6 #14 #17 and #25 with a Dr. Pepper and a wedding ring please

  • nightshift29

    has #1 ever been on a post here before but in high res?

  • Honcho


  • joe

    #6 MOAR PLEEAASE!!!!

  • Darnell Rohne

    Don't even know where to start….. a bunch of SMOKING HOT brunettes with sexy tats?!?! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! sexiest thread ever!

  • Goat


    God is good. You are the reason for masterbatuon. Please tell me those are real.

  • @Toppguy

    #40 wow, we need more

  • Brian_30

    NOTHING sexier than a beautiful woman with some ink!! At a loss for words right now!!

  • tattoothis

    To everybody commenting shit like, "think of what they'll look like when they're 50" "what were they thinking" "look at those huge gauges in her ears" and all of that other bullshit..
    – there's a procedure where lobes can be sewn up that takes under 20 minutes.
    – they/we WERE thinking; just because people are tattooed doesn't mean they're stupid and don't think through their decisions.

    I know when I'm older my tattoos won't look as good as they do now. But guess what? I don't give a fuck. So neither should you. I am expressing myself through art on my body. I'm going to hang out with other badass tattooed people/people who don't judge me for my tattoos and who I am — and generally look awesome. What are you going to do when you look like every other old bastard?

  • Cali_Jangi

    #3 #23 #26 i gotta find me a girl like these…

  • Dave

    #3 Beautiful girl ruined by gauging out her ears. *_*

  • Grrrrrrrrrowl

    #25 does not just win this post…. she wins the internets! Shut down the WWW and give her the trophy!

  • THT

    #32 – plzzzz find her plzzzz

  • Mister_Reed85

    #25 #32 #35 #40 Sploosh

  • Sickofhipsters

    Except for 20, every girl has lowered their look and belongs somewhere in Arkansas with all the other idiots. way to ruin a good thing…all for a little attention. Sad.

  • Thinkfirstladies
  • ramon

    #6 & #25 are my new wallpaper girls

  • Mike

    You can never go wrong with women and tattoos. =)

  • Scott Tari

    #3 thank you!

  • Tony

    #23 ……………damn

  • Kyle Knopp

    Amazing ink… Nothing better than a girl all tatted up

    #21 Down right gorgeous

  • guest

    #32 soooo hot.

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