Stunts by Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (13 Photos)


  • dominantone

    dudes got balls

  • TheAutomaticMan

    Look into doing tower construction. They build and work on towers that are at times over 2,000 ft. tall. Crazy shit.

    • FrankGibbons

      Uh…No? There is only one tower in the world that's over 2,000 feet tall. That's the one most of these pictures are of, also. It stands right around 2,700 feet.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Uh yes…. I'm not referring to buildings, I'm referring to communications towers, I work on towers like these. Similar to this one that is 2,063 ft tall. Point, and match.

        • TheAutomaticMan

          there, meant to include that for "proof"

        • AdamBaldick

          I think he is speaking to the novelty of being on top of the tallest building in the world. who cares if you stand on a communication tower.. this is the Burj Khalifa.

  • sayahhhhhhhhhhh

    that no, swallowing hard cocks, yes

    • beatitetcrr

      prob cuz he's always jerking it to kids…fucking pedo

  • Swamp1983

    if he'd drop the Scientology BS, I might have a beer with him.

  • the_mike

    #12 Fuck the Fuck no. I can't even look at this picture.

  • Landen

    Don't like him as a person but I always enjoy his acting.

  • Adam

    How did the world turn on this guy? So he's nut when it comes to his religion, name a religious person who isn't? Tom Cruise is freaking awesome and make's some good movies! If he's little eccentric then so be it. Most of Hollywood is anyways.

    • Dcolbert

      He is like Harrison Ford – he bought into his own hype machine and seems to believe he is the same guy in real life as he plays on the silver screen. It makes watching his movies distracting. Han Solo as an arrogant prick is entertaining. Harrison Ford as an arrogant prick is disappointing. Same thing applies here. The fanboys can go ahead and hate on this – but Cruise lost my respect jumping on couches and proclaiming his completely insincere, over-dramatic, teen-drama-queen love for Katie and then going batshit nuts about his views on Scientology. Brooke Shields should have kicked his midget ass, she has him by a good foot and a half.

  • Underhill

    That is not what the header says.

  • Connor

    #13 Zero fucks given

  • cookzone


  • Hoagmeister

    This site is getting wwaaaaayyyyyy tooo commercial.

  • Bio

    Nice to see at least one actor with the balls to do stuff like this.

  • jim bob

    f that


    um kw1q51lv3r , thats actually the name of the photographer dumbASS

  • Tobyelius

    No worries Tom, Keanu Reeves in yoga pants to the rescue.


    Slacky Rope

  • Leddy420

    Let me repeat: Why are you so gay?

  • Casotakar1229

    not a huge tcru fan but he has a great job and does a great job doing it.

  • Oderus

    While I don't care about his personal life/antics, I respect any actor that is willing to take their rolls to the next level by doing their own stunts. It takes a level of confidence and self esteem/belief to do it. Kudos to Tom Cruise.

    • sparky

      I think you meant "roles". Rolls are for eating. Unless you were implying that Tom Cruise takes rolls from the catering truck with him when he performs these stunts. Then, he would truly be taking his "rolls" to the next level.

  • cheeseSammich

    #12 – I would be crapping my pants if this were me, not the Cruiser… it's like he is sitting on his couch at home. CRAZY! But then again, he may be thinking he is just closer to aliens up there…

  • KHfan4evr


  • Michael

    I have more respect for Tom Cruise. With my fear of heights, I'd ask for a stuntman ASAP.

  • Andrew

    Like him or not you have to give the man credit. Not many actors do their own stunts anymore. That takes some serious balls!!

  • Tim Crews

    His biggest stunt ever is acting like he is not a gay man

  • Brian Rosnick

    Bonus points in my book. I'm more inclined to watch Ghost Protocol now.

  • nikalaj

    Oh it's just me. Sittn on some buildn

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