The incredible heroism and legacy of Shavarsh Karapetyan (8 Photos)

  • phoenixpwns

    This dude is the definition of badassery. Good show Chive. More post like this please!

  • Serj

    On October 8th 1974,he was returning from Tsakhkadzor(a mountain resort town in Armenia) when he and 30 passengers on a bus got stuck on a 45 degree incline.The bus driver went out to check and see what`s wrong with the engine,when suddenly bus started moving backwards to the edge of the canyon.He broke the window that separated drivers cabine from the rest of the bus(Soviet buses had that) and steered the bus into the mountain(it was the only way of stoping it) thus saving 30 lives.When asked "How did you manage to pull it of?" he said "I was the closest"…Humble guy

  • chivegoindownhill

    This post will get no comments ,if it had even a single skank showing her body with a Photoshopped kcco message the wankers would have flooded the comment section.

  • robber

    send that man a teeshirt

  • IJestHeRules

    Aaaaand we have Cory Booker?

    • dirtysteve99

      I don't know who that is?

  • shittywok

    If Web 3.0 could have a separate comment section for the haters, that would be greeaaat.

    • shadowstein

      this post doesnt have any haters. just people trying to be funny (if you discount the people raging at said people.)

  • Bill G

    A true selfless hero to humanity. We could use a couple million more like Shavarsh. I'd like to meet this guy and thank him for maintaining my faith in mankind.

  • Murray

    This should be posted every time some newspaper or other uses the word "hero" to describe a football player.

  • trooper

    Makes Chuck Norris look like a sissy

  • kevin

    What a great story. Thanks for taking the time to let us know this man and his sacrifice. Please, find more like this.

  • Maynard B.

    Hardcore dude.

  • Max

    that man is right up there on the Chuck Norris caliber…..Chive On Shavarah!!!

  • freddy boy

    Oishin horosho, Shavarsh. Very well done. (And well done too, Chive)

  • Lowrent75

    Excellent work, Comrade.

  • rynh

    Amazing story.

  • Sarah

    What an amazing man!

  • Tim

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  • Chive

    Chive you have really f*cking blown it
    With these banner ads I can't believe it!!!! Fix it this is not a Good thing

  • PureMeat

    Pure Bad Ass

  • Will

    Sounds like Soviet propaganda

  • Brock

    Thank you chive for bringing a truly inspiring story to the forfront of your site

  • Bob

    Respect. What a hero.

  • BDB

    What an amazing selfless person!

  • Joe

    This was a good way to start my day. Thanks Chive.

  • Rolo__Tomasi

    Thanks Chive, this inspiration should keep me productive until the next post is up. Tan Line Tuesday?

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