The incredible heroism and legacy of Shavarsh Karapetyan (8 Photos)

  • bud

    America had real men once upon a time.
    Just think of how the world would be if were all like this man.

  • lilmanluu

    Author spelled "dam" wrong

  • mrjimmyos

    What a fantastic person!

  • Big Goddamned Gun

    Too bad he's a communist!
    HAHAHA, America.

  • b money

    Human level: BOSS. That is all.

  • Brian Rosnick

    I agree, the George Washington Bridge needs to stay over the Hudson.

    • Christopher Faytis

      Well played brian.

  • Cecil

    Selflessness win. Manliness win. Sacrifice with thought Win. Masculinity win. Win win.
    Dudes a real man, and a hero.
    Chive on man.

  • VideoVampire

    Dude is like Chuck Norris and shit.


    Good man…not shocking guys like him aren't used as examples, rather idiot celebs or athletes that get arrested and we are made to feel sorry for. This restores my faith in humanity.

  • Russia

    The boss. the CEO. man what a hero.

  • Blake Shuster

    What a beast.

  • craig

    What an amazing man and an inspiration. TRUE HERO. Chive on Shavarsh.

  • wow

    but according to the internet everyone who ever existed in the soviet union was an evil communist ugly goon?
    could it be that decent people exist somewhere else in the world other than 'merica?

  • Bryan_W


  • Boom JR

    Dam,It took me well over 15 attempts and still couldn't get that dam apple.

  • chancellor

    He reminds me of that Kim Kardashian broad

  • gieldb

    What a hero!

  • shoemate

    So communists do have hearts

  • Diamond

    You Sir a an amazing human being. Sorry it cost you so dearly. Shavarsh Karapetyan KCCO!

  • Careful

    Awesome Man! Thanks giving him some of the recognition he deserves, and presenting the rest of us with an example of what we can strive to be like!

  • Jonadan Ashby

    dang, freaking badass

  • Buriedjoe1080

    I saved $345 for switching to Gieco!

  • Bob

    A true, courageous hero. Not once but twice this man risked his life to save strangers. If the world were creating a super hero team, he would be at the top of the list.

  • yohy

    1) Vladimir Putin is a fucking pussy photo model.

  • tim

    Wining at being a man

    • tim


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