• Lamar O

    …"He's holding it or she's holding it" …

    "Was I exaggerating, Mary? …

  • Webster

    Kliegh – tore – e- us (noun) origination – greek. 1) the majic spot 2) eraserhead 3) little man in the canoe. example – "his nose is hitting her kly TOR eus."

  • M4jestic

    I died laughing

  • Brutha Moisture

    Coffee Talk, circa 2012.

    "Talk amongst yourselves. Topic…Greek Chocolate and is it addicting?

  • Gator

    She actually called it a "cly-tor-us"! Bwahahaha!

  • Matt

    This is the funniest goddam thing I've seen in weeks. There should be an entire web show of nothing but old ladies watching porn and narrating like this.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525883379 Bill Eustace

    These ladies need to have their own show or just make reaction videos all day.

  • Melvos Love God

    They are adorable!!!!!

  • Jess

    HAHAHA awesome! I hope im this cool when I get old lmao!

  • Texticlees

    Think about it,

    if your grandma never got busy, you wouldn't be here.

    Grandma knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

  • Rainmaker2112

    "she's just laying there" – Yep Grannies that is a basic description of the entire Kar-Trash-ian clan. The people who watch them are are "up" on them must love watching paint dry. WAIT, paint at least looks good "just lying there".

    BTW, hilarious if not disturbing video!

  • Leafzru

    This reminds me of the 2 girls and 1 cup reaction videos.. this time they are not running away from the computer

  • drbman

    I would like to form my own opinion, where can I see this tape?

  • Retired Navy

    Way funny!!!

  • tchatchi

    I like

  • bill

    love those gradmas,there on point.there cute also

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Thank you who ever for editing this nice a short, much more enjoyable…than watching the Kim K video itself even.


    i want one lover girl for deting

  • Pix85

    that original KimKleaked.com sex tape is a great one!

    but honestly, has Kim did anything worthy what makes her famous?

  • Kim Kardashian

    Who put this here i want it off right now plz
    That was just a joke to all my friends/family but one sister has to go and put this on the internet
    Im suing everyone who watch the sex tape including the old ladies
    Thank you

  • so owefull


  • Anonymous

    Sex adiliss

  • batata

    yes fuck ei vamos fuder garotas

  • batata

    quem quer chupar meu pau ?

  • batata

    eu queria fuder uma americana

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