What happened to ‘Knights of Badassdom’? (video)

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Last year, the trailer for Knights of Badassdom was shown at a Comic-Con panel to thousands of people and quickly became the talk of the Con. The trailer went viral, the fanboys took to the chat rooms to spread the word.

The hilarious cast includes Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, and Ryan Kwanten. Pair that talent with a Shaun-of-the-Dead-meets-World-of-Warcraft plot line, ‘Badassdom’ had all the makings of a cult classic with one problem, it was never released.

What’s even worse is the lucky few who have seen the whole film claim it’s freaking hilarious. Rumors of the film’s demise have not been greatly exaggerated. ‘Badassdom’ appears to be mired in finishing funds and politics, shelved in the Vaults of Erowid, with nary a whisper of a DVD release on the horizon.

I just wanna see the damn thing personally. You?

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