• Edmard

    Bloody inspirational. Good on him and RIP joel if only there were more men in this world like you.

    • Ryan


    • balumoriya

      Inspirational words from an amazing human being. God bless.

  • Ryan

    these are the best types of videos.

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    Awesome is right!! Great Video, that's why I keep coming back to this site.

  • bmessy

    thats pretty awesome kcco joel

  • Spas

    Chive, why u make my cry? Thank you for having existed Joel Boujassy!

  • DChiver

    I don't think this video does justice to Joel, coz in times like these letting strangers stay with you is something…. IDK what to say its just….

    Why do the good people always have to go so soon???

  • Guy Fox

    HIs life was devoted to "waking people up" What does that even mean? Does he want people to be less ignotant and better informed? informed to what?

    • Guest

      of the good things in life =) happiness, sharing, kindness.. those those that you dont no =)

  • Guy

    His life was devoted to "Waking People Up” What do people think that mean? Does he want people to be less ignorant and better informed? Informed to what?

    • guy

      I agree. If we actually "woke everybody up", I think we would find a bunch of crazy ideologues on both sides of any debate. Oh wait, we have that now. Washington is full of them and it would be better for all of us, if they "went back to sleep".

  • SvenJolly3

    This guy died of an asthma attack? Gotta love that universal healthcare!

  • https://www.facebook.com/jgibbins James Gibbins

    CouchSurfing is an great thing. I've been using it for years. You do meet some amazing people, and I'd recommend everyone to join. http://www.couchsurfing.com

  • Fish

    Who's the guy that made the video?? I think he's been on other vids on the chive that I liked!

  • Nick

    That was awesome

  • Chivette

    This was beautiful

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrewluthi Andrew Luthi

    More people should be like Joel. A man that didnt live by the things he owned.

  • herve

    J'ai appris ca mort aujourd'huit alors que je le connaissais depuit 8 ans. Il a été un grand ami pour moi, un homme bon et généreux. Merci à vous pour cette hommage.

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