Animals that don’t suck (40 Photos)

  • 2Tall

    Hello! Yes I'm speaking

    • Jen

      "hello? yes, this is ox speaking…"

    • Chiverino

      Yak Yak Yak, that's all you ever do!!!

  • press


    "Gee, I could have sworn I heard an owl."

    • Ady

      "Hoo is behind me?"

    • Mickael Duncan

      I can't stand that white owl I've seeing around, he just…oh shit, he's behind me isn't he?

  • etcrr

    #5 Hello? Yes, this is Cow

    • 0331

      Dog? Is that you?

    • Dan

      I think it's a buffalo

    • wjaram

      It might be a yak

    • PopeyesChicken

      Definitely a yak lol

      • Anomanom

        These jokes make me wanna yak.

  • Dave0

    Yeah. These animals don't suck.

    • Underbaker

      #7 Just cracked me up, Dog has the perfect "What the fuck are they looking at?" expression.

  • Mike Keller

    #23 silly goose

    • sithney

      "Life…finds a way."

    • and

      I see what you did there

    • she's a witch!

      optimistic goose

  • Erik Plate

    oh yes, today is gonna be a good day now because of this!

  • @antcruz

    #1 want!

    • 80's Baby

      Please excuse me while I Mind her gap…

  • Ray

    #40 DO NOT WANT

  • @antcruz

    #5. "can you STEER me now? Ok good."

  • MrAbeLincoln


    Hey! Wartortle evolved!!

  • Mikeg01sf

    #6 is that the new bling kids are wearing in the hood now?

    • Cali_Dude


  • Oregon_country

    #1 Thats how I do it, it's just animal instinct.

  • TX Country Boy

    #31 just like mine. Lazy bastard.

    • Zachary Franklin

      Yeah but if he anything like my sister's old boxer, let him hear a squeaky toy and watch that bastard come alive.

      • TX Country Boy

        I know exactly what you mean. Dead to the world one minute, rearranging living room furniture the next.

    • CaptainInsano

      Looks like the Undertaker!!

      • Underbaker

        Hey I resemble that remark. Oh wait you said taker…

  • John Kenny

    #1 "How's it feel, huh? HUH?! You ate my sister you %$@#ing monster!"

    • iChive

      In Soviet Russia, cow eat you.

  • Big C

    Duuurrr no one wants ta play wit me…

    • Byron_Black


  • John Kenny

    "They're HEEEERE." o.0

    • USSS Chiver

      Excellent reference.

    • john j

      DAMNIT! I was gonna say that…

      • Anomanom

        So was I

    • ben hughes

      My diagnosis is, he's just light headed

    • Travis

      first thing I thought, too.

  • Derp

    #5 here, they need your pin number

  • Morten Der Alte Norup

    #35 Owling dog…. ?

  • Mark

    man, this whole post is brilliant. Well done

  • Mattas

    #36 Don't mine me, just spitting my teeth out.

  • GremlinPrince

    #25 Ewoks defending their planet from the Stormtroopers again. Beechawawa!!

    • mick

      looks like a baby dropbear to me

      • sparks

        aussies fighting back

  • Paul the Clown

    #40 Gay dog does not like pussy!

    • lavmdmv


  • Mcchocolate

    #40 yep…this about sums up my entire dating career

    • Logicyup

      Inter-species dating? Kinda wrong.

      • greg


  • Stephen Gondek

    Reminds me of Gary Busey…

    • Stephen Gondek


      Wow, i need some damn coffee. Thirty six, not sixteen. Sorry everyone

  • RettB

    #26. Well, if you'd just learn to knock when the door is closed this all could've been avoided

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