Congratulations, parents….you’re awful (32 Photos)

  • lackofabetter

    I bring you the next generation of assholes

  • @bdaley84

    #31 bitch, get out of my seat!

  • Monte Chiver

    #14 #16 Like a boss

  • @antcruz

    #21. Must….have….apple….juice.

  • kmorrill4

    #9…Yes, son.. Your doin it right!!!

  • Snarky

    #19 and #29… almost peed

  • Monte Chiver

    #7 I wonder if thats mommy on the box?

  • Spywit1izzye

    Any social workers in the hezzy?

  • Kodos

    This; not food, is why we are doomed as a species…
    … most of the really sad ones are from the "mothers". Buncha filthy cunts.

  • Seahick

    32 reasons why it should require a permit to procreate.


    #13 #5 both need less head

  • Blumpkin King

    #22 Take your kid to work day

  • Sean


    Is awesome!

  • Mutt

    #28 Can't you just hear the Dad, "Com on now hurry up or I'll leave you here. Daddy's got shit to do"

  • Vent187

    #7 cool shirt, I love Flogging Molly.
    #31 that's one classy bitch.

  • jack of all trades

    Most of these kids will grow up to be assholes or future chivettes posting because their asshole boyfriend broke up with them.

  • Dabears

    #22 follow moms footsteps

  • Mr Snippet

    #8, Its not like the woman has a choice, how would she catch the little bastard if he ran off? at least she didnt leave him at home in a closet or dog cage

  • Person

    #10 " I can't believe I used to live in one of those"

  • MeIrakly

    #31 kid is gonna be a fighter

  • theG_Man

    I need to call CPS

  • robsterling

    "Get outta my stroller, Bitch"

  • Ekajevans

    And notice how they are young, drug addicts, alcoholics, or strippers…. Come on.

  • snowflake359

    #6 would be a great punishment

    • Indian0Lore

      But what is playing?

      • snowflake359

        Friday by Rebecca Black

  • TheAutomaticMan

    #8 Insert poorly thought out America joke "here"

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