Congratulations, parents….you’re awful (32 Photos)

  • jig

    I'm not racist. I do, however, hate cunts who cannot spell.


  • Bobby

    Ya I'm sure#17 is a straight up thug
    #29 bet that poor childs rearend is burning from the heat of that muffler

  • Shawn

    Some of these "parents" need a bullet between the eyes.

  • TiaP

    WTF? More proof that some people really just shouldn't mix their DNA with another persons.

  • hii

    black people are the worst

  • Shellabell

    #6 is not done by parents. Guaranteed it was done by older brothers! Haha I know from experience!

  • Underhill

    #32 is okay. Kid on side hack has a cushion n everything. Photo possibly in Eastern Europe. It is a step up on what is seen many places.

  • Bustanut

    Which one of these bad parent?

  • el_bricko

    #8 "MUSH!!!!… This sled isn't going to pull itself!!!"

  • Drik287

    And people complain there aren't enough posts of black people. WTF!!!

  • @Onoku

    I'm quite sure the majority of these count as child abuse.

  • Dam

    #17, #22, dumbest people in the F'n world. Dumbest EVER!!!!

  • PHP Constructors

    The kid was looking at her like what the f**k.

  • Ryan

    #25 Parenting win.

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  • WallaceAdrian

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  • Stop Talking

    #3 Winnry full metal alchemist and you should be proud to have a kid that cool, a chick metal worker, better than most girl role models

  • Charlie

    #23 done that so many times

  • Kes

    #3 is not that bad. The girl is dressed as Winry Rockbell, who is actually in work clothes. She’s an automail mechanic as a teenager and one of the best. She works hard, is brave, loyal and outspoken. She also works in an area dominated by males. It’s not a bad example for a girl at all.

  • jesse

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Smith '12

    #17 nothing is more thug than a toddler with a mini bottle of Grey Goose

  • sean

    nothing bad to say about #28. i use to do the same all the time with my uncle when i was their same age and younger probably, except i did it up far steeper bluffs with jagged rocks and rattlesnakes

  • David Weston Smith

    #13 I'm sure that's actually from a film or TV show or something. Either way, I don't think it's real.

  • john j

    #6 Kind of crossed the line there Chive. That's called child abuse. I'd be careful when posting stuff like this. Actually you should take that down. That's really wrong. Thumbs up if you agree it should be taken down. Poor taste in my opinion.

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