Congratulations, parents….you’re awful (32 Photos)

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  • jig

    I'm not racist. I do, however, hate cunts who cannot spell.


  • Bobby

    Ya I'm sure#17 is a straight up thug
    #29 bet that poor childs rearend is burning from the heat of that muffler

  • Shayquan

    cant help it if theyre stupid niggers

  • Shawn

    Some of these "parents" need a bullet between the eyes.

  • TiaP

    WTF? More proof that some people really just shouldn't mix their DNA with another persons.

  • hii

    black people are the worst

  • Shellabell

    #6 is not done by parents. Guaranteed it was done by older brothers! Haha I know from experience!

  • Underhill

    #32 is okay. Kid on side hack has a cushion n everything. Photo possibly in Eastern Europe. It is a step up on what is seen many places.

  • Bustanut

    Which one of these bad parent?

  • el_bricko

    #8 "MUSH!!!!… This sled isn't going to pull itself!!!"

  • Drik287

    And people complain there aren't enough posts of black people. WTF!!!

  • @Onoku

    I'm quite sure the majority of these count as child abuse.

  • Dam

    #17, #22, dumbest people in the F'n world. Dumbest EVER!!!!

  • PHP Constructors

    The kid was looking at her like what the f**k.

  • Ryan

    #25 Parenting win.

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  • WallaceAdrian

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  • Bad Parents Are Horrible | USA Press

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  • Stop Talking

    #3 Winnry full metal alchemist and you should be proud to have a kid that cool, a chick metal worker, better than most girl role models

  • Charlie

    #23 done that so many times

  • Kes

    #3 is not that bad. The girl is dressed as Winry Rockbell, who is actually in work clothes. She’s an automail mechanic as a teenager and one of the best. She works hard, is brave, loyal and outspoken. She also works in an area dominated by males. It’s not a bad example for a girl at all.

  • jesse

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Smith '12

    #17 nothing is more thug than a toddler with a mini bottle of Grey Goose

  • sean

    nothing bad to say about #28. i use to do the same all the time with my uncle when i was their same age and younger probably, except i did it up far steeper bluffs with jagged rocks and rattlesnakes

  • David Weston Smith

    #13 I'm sure that's actually from a film or TV show or something. Either way, I don't think it's real.

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