Congratulations, parents….you’re awful (32 Photos)

  • john j

    #17 ….And yet another example of why they are constantly in and out of jail. Not giving a fuck is great, but it shouldn't involve kids.

  • cryptic minx

    please remove picture number 6

  • Skeedoosh

    The Winry Rockbell cosplay in #3 doesn't seem too bad to me. She's got the right bandana, the right pants, the right shoes, her wig is better than most wigs I've seen for this character, she's even holding a wrench, and the bandeau isn't terribly provocative considering I could just go to a public pool or beach and find kids that age in little bikinis that constantly fly up simply because little girls don't have the bodies for bikinis. The parents' biggest fault is in not completing the cosplay with a pair of gloves. Tsk, tsk. That's just immoral.

  • stranger

    #13 That's my kind of girl….a cutie that loves cock…find her!

  • Jon

    and we wonder why this world is so fd up?

  • mullex

    this is like a list of people I want to kick

  • SLC



  • Mr. Mac

    #19 i hear thats gives you a great thigh workout… imma have to try that

  • shnugs

    No surprises here. You let anyone breed, you're gunna have this sort of thing.

  • grog

    im pretty sure some of these pics evidence child abuse and in some instances child pornography as legally defined.

  • hadtoleavecomment

    was #12 taken at Rainbow Springs in Dunellon, Florida?

  • GuitarSkater

    #6 You know damn well that kid did something awful to deserve that…. I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy

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  • arzi


    the baby looks like its been abused to its head. eyes are dark and baby seems lifeless. sick. hope this been investigated

  • ASKER1

    #2,#18,#20,#31,#32 are great Russian parents

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