Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • zombieaddict

    #4, Ever get so mad you threw a horse into the ocean?

  • Anonymous

    #25 just made my day.

  • project_2501

    #25 This almost made me late to work…

  • ma nam a borat

    #7 MOOOAA– w-wait a second…

  • Timmy

    I guess you can't lead a horse to water after all. They have levitation power,,,,

  • Jason

    #3 FLBP, Animals that don't suck, and a DAR all in one? Way to set the bar CHIVE.

    • Fish

      This dog wants no part of it

  • Sean

    #15 Why no feather or data fragment at the top?

  • DrMa7moud

    #25. Time really flies when looking at this

  • HEEL

    #25 This is why I love America

  • idookiedonu

    #1 white people suck at parenting and #3 the reason why white kids end up shooting they’re school.

  • GHX

    Hot? Check
    Great Rack? Check
    Almost naked? Bonus
    Great Dance moves – Not so much

  • imdowngetme

    #1 white people suck at parenting and #3 is the reason why white kids end up shooting their school.

    • Proud Papa

      Shut up you ignorant dumb fuck. When's the last time a white kid took a belt fed mg42 to school and started blasting. Eat shit.

      • Anomanom

        An MG-42 wouldn't fit in a book bag, bunghole. But when all you have is a gun, every problem looks like something to shoot at.

        • Proud Papa

          Well, agree to disagree. Thats my son. I'm a responsible gun owner and was taught at an early age. I can assure you nor he or I haven't killed anyone….yet.

          • Stick

            Exactly. I was brought up around guns since birth; taught how they operated, how they're not toys, the whole bit.

            • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

              y'all took the troll bait.

  • mongoose5271

    #8 Brilliant!

    #25 A creation from the heavens…WOW!

  • Eric

    #7 The only time a women should be in front of this much food is in a kitchen. So I ask, why the fuck isn't she in the kitchen?

  • Dr. Evil

    #25 In addition to being gorgeous, Kate Upton seems like a genuinely cool chick.

  • DB Conor

    #3 That's the photo equivalent of Rachel's meat casserole: Dog, check. Guns, check. Baby doing something inappropriate, check. Boobs, check. Guns, check.

  • drbman

    #25 is that Kate Upton? WOW!

  • Suckas

    #20 Russian products r made in China.

  • sara

    im a chic and i couldnt take my eyes off this sexy thang!!!!
    #25 id go full blown lesbian for this girl!

  • john j

    #20 That awkward moment when Chad realized he should have called 1-800-Jenny

  • Mdnytrdr

    #4 Now that’s a horsefly …High-O-Silver away !!!!!!!

  • DickFister

    If I wanted a warm kitty, I'd have my gf slide down the bannister.

  • Slappy_McGee

    #15 – Hows about FUCK NO!

  • Lisa

    #3 The dog has a look on its face like "oh shit this is such a bad idea"

  • Tom

    #10 im sure he needs new underwear after somthing like that

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