High-res hot girls get the Phalanx CIWS firing (34 HQ Photos)

  • Muadieb

    #5 #48 #49 I grew up hearing the test firing of the M61 Vulcan cannon used in these. Totally awesome sound!

    • ry guy

      anyone know who #5 is? I'll pay u…

  • etcrr

    #5 #49 very hot and cute and the people who care about the rate of fire are the crew of every ship that has one. An amazing gun

    • bdg

      Find them please!!!!!

      • anonymous

        #49 google Haileys Hideaway (nsfw)

  • Oregon_country

    #43 The one on the left

    • central_park1

      That look in her eyes… damn!

  • Baguette

    Oo ! I'm in love ! Who is she ? So cute, so perfect !

    • Martin_McFly

      A perfect album… It began and ended With Hailey — from Hailey's Hideaway

  • RandomTask09

    #49: Dear Lord, find her…and please tell me she's NOT in porn.

    • fabio

      Find her please! The typical "girl next door" beauty, so perfectly cute!

    • anon

      I really hope you're wrong, go porn!

    • Baguette

      I hope you're right. She's an angel. I think I can stay all day watching her smiling…Even all my life 🙂

    • guest

      hailey's hideaway

    • Queue
      • Awesome PDT

        thanks for the NSFW heads up. dix.

    • Tobyelius

      No doubt.

    • Andyrew711

      not in porn!? please tell me she IS in porn so I can ruin another bath towel.

      • Will Dover

        She has her own pay-for-viewing website.

  • Killer462

    #5 – I would motor boat those like it was my job!!!! And it used to be my job to maintain 20mm Vulcan cannons. I would would do that again for free!!!

  • chuck

    #7 please find

    • Mita

      PLEASE someone find her 😦

  • whyme1973

    #5 #13 #49 More bad ass than #44, and #44 is pretty damn bad ass.

  • jmacrosoft

    #11 *dies* STUNNING!!!

  • RealZoo

    #5 #7 #17 #21………WMD: Women of Much Delight!!!

  • Pariah


  • Twhain

    please tell me some one knows who she is!

  • Johnny LaRue

    Looks more like Homer Simpson than R2-D2

  • Scot

    We don't care, but thanks for breaking up the monotony of looking at gorgeous women…..

    • moX

      #30 That's fucking 75 per second! Nuts!

  • Cali_Dude

    #37 #49 Wow, wow, wow

  • orion

    #37 winner

    • Chris

      no boobs…

    • justin

      I see lips, and they're not on her face!

  • davidsv04@hotmail.com

    I’m in love! Need more of #1

  • bruce

    4500 for Air Contacts. 3000 for Surface Contacts

  • BertoPop

    #5 and #13.
    My morning is complete!

  • Kodos

    I am very conflicted by Victoria Justice.. keep wondering if she's legal, then I find out she is!

    Enough has been said about #37 & #49. Yumpin' Yeezus!

  • K Moe

    #16… those dudes are bad mother fuckers… too bad they have to wear those retarded helmets…

    • Doc H

      It would be an honor to wear one of those helmets.

      • K Moe

        Its much easier to not wear it, not roll down your sleeves (takes forever to roll them back up) or wear the gloves (they get caught on the rounds and get sucked up into the loader.) But other than that its not a bad job.

    • Dana

      It's not too bad… plus only certain ships require you to wear them.

      • K Moe

        what ship you on?

  • Jake

    Am I the only one who likes when they are with their feet to the air like that #29?

    • Anon

      You are not alone good sir…

      • Montana


  • juan valdez

    #3 I think I'm in love…marry me?

    • wow eeee

      duckface is excused

  • G-rock

    It took me a while to scroll past #35. She is def hott. #49 is soooo cute. Love to see more

  • b11

    Dang…. #5 #37 #49

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