• -mj


    • Jamie Schindler

      Seriously… get a life

      • Hellbender

        Who is this judging the quality of life?

        • paul. c

          mj yr a loooser!!! ……first! wat a fag!! u!! r!!!

    • P Whiskey

      as always… kill urself

  • phil

    I'm nauseous just watching it. Just, why?

    • niudgc

      I was so scared watching that, I literally shat your pants.

    • Skermitt

      I was pretty certain that the ride broke when one arm started moving and twisting the middle piece… Never seen one do that before lol

  • Myst

    Looks like a blast rather stand in line for that than x2

    • billshakes626

      I thought this thing was gonna break or some shit. My brother got stuck sideways on one of those and it took them 3 hours to get them out. It was about 100 degrees in the peak of a NE summer. It was kind of funny because he was only burnt on one side of his body. Fuckin two face.

  • Timmer

    That looks freakin sweet!

    • disturbed


  • younsee

    I see nothing terrifying about this ride.

    • todd

      same here I kept waiting for it to go out of control and then nothing..

    • dlan

      Watch out we gotta badass over here

    • mike

      it was kinda cool that the two arms moved independently but other than that, way too slow to be "terrifying"

      • Evan

        I think the fact that it goes so slow is why it's considered so terrifying. Hanging upside down for like 10 seconds seems like it would be scarier than being upside down for just a split second. Of course I wouldn't be able to tell the difference because I'm way to manly to be scared of an amusement park ride. Except the Tilt-a-Whirl, fuck the Tilt-a-Whirl.

        • TheySeeMeChivin

          They didn't spend very long upside down. They spent a lot of time sideways, which would be weird the first time you're on it, but then kinda lame. I think it might be more fun standing in line watching than actually being on the ride…

    • spydermonkey

      It's terrifying because it's in Russia. I hope their park rides are built better than the rest of their shit.

    • Randy Gomez

      i came here to say this

    • SimonDPieman

      the music is horrific

    • Guest

      Same, we have rides like this all over in the UK… nothing special but fun 😀

    • BawsGirl

      Haha I totally agree! I was like waiting for it to go crazy fast and do a shit load of flips!
      Then nothing 😦
      I'm a huge ride person would love it but it wasn't as crazy or scary as the post made it seen

  • PenthouseTommy

    Hell F@#*^*# NO!!!

  • XOXO

    No. No thanks. I'm good. I'll wait here. Have fun.

  • frank

    there are several places that this ride exists, I know of one in San Antonio Six Flags Fiesta Texas called the Twisters. it is really fun!

    • Landen

      The one at Six Flags San Antonio isn't near as bad. This one's arms move independently of each other, the one in San Antonio doesn't. It's still nauseating though

    • noegod

      I just moved to san antonio, I'm gonna have to check that out! Thanks for the tIp!

    • Hugh

      There's one at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast (Australia) as well. It's been there for at least a decade…

    • cryptic minx

      and the other place this ride exists is Hell…

  • Wim Helsen

    I thought it was going to be a bit faster and spectacular.

    I'd still take a ride on it…

    • NebraskaGuy

      … that's what SHE said! 😉

      • She

        "that's what"

  • and

    Gotta love that adrenaline rush

  • jhoratio

    There's such a thin line between "working perfectly" and "catastrophic disaster"

    • black27696

      Maybe 26 means I'm getting old…but I looked at that and thought "so basically, if the harness gives, you die".

      Most rides that go upside down or vertical rely on physics and gravity and the harness is just extra insurance. With this, a pin shears, a belt frays…and you plummet to your death. Fuck. That.

  • drbman

    first of all i am not going to let some Pedro with his creepy music have the fate of my life in his hands in the middle of the jungle? Where is this park?? NEVER, I would rather continue to sky dive!

    • Nicnac

      racist much?

      • drbman

        not not really just my attempt at a little humours.

    • rus

      It's in Russia

      • paul.c

        Pedro stitches yr parachute….u tiny dick asslover!!!

        • drbman

          wow thanks, I try making a little fun and you go ahead and insult me way to go Paul c, would like for you to even try and say that to my face.

          • R.Squirrel

            Watch out, we've got a badass here! Acting all tough and muy macho on the interwebs! Since that seems to be so cool and boss, I'll play along, K?

            Not only would I call you an asslover to your face, I'd poke out your eyes and skull-fuck you while I made you eat your own shit. When I was done, I'd truss you up and drop you off at the State pen to be the bitch of every felon on death row.

            Quick now, you testosterone infused ape, tell me how you're a black belt in something or in the Special Forces! Make me quiver in my loafers over your manliness! Show the world how tough you are online.

            You fucking retarded, ass loving, genetic anomaly.

    • Craigery

      There aren't many "Pedros" in the "jungles" of Russia. This is actually an example of the stupidity of white people who have nothing better to do with their time, like you, you douchebag.

      • drbman

        I am sorry that my attempt at humour has offended you enough to verbally attack me,

    • tonesinclair

      your a dick

    • drbmansMOTHER

      He CONTINUES to skydive you guys (as he has skydived many times already and will continue to do so, thus laughing in the face of Jesus) – he's BRAVE so leave him be!

      • drbman

        whatever, I attempt to make a joke and everyone gets offended.

    • Mike

      racist shithead! Hope ur parachute fails

      • drbman

        I am not a racist,

        • potkettle

          ha.. here try this:
          "better than let some brah douchebag with his creepy hair gel hold the fate of my life at 10000 feet."

          but, your not a brah, or a douchebag, dont dye your hair or anything right?

          • drbman

            I really am having a difficult time trying to understand what you are trying to say? Umm , my failed attempt at humor, i'm sorry… but I think it is much better than the quality of your english, brah?!

            • B.Moose

              *English, you idiot.

    • alex

      If Im not wrong it should be a some one say the twister in sisx flags, but this specific one in down tow mexico city (six flags mexico) it looks slow but trust me is quite strng gravity feelling ride, but the jungle its cause that park is in the midle of a big forest ist really beatiful woods forest

  • Lou

    Forget water boarding, I would tell you anything you wanted to know.

    • Guest

      er water boarding is like 200x worse…

  • Switched

    I'm pretty sure there is one of those inside West Edmonton Mall here.

    • Schwalm

      There is one there and it's not scary lol

  • Seth

    People in Roller Coaster Tycoon would never ride that…

    • Skermitt

      Omg.. that game rocks.

    • chucklesclown

      Haha. You probably wouldn't be winning any Safest Park in the Country awards with it either.

    • Brian

      I'd need to hire another janitor just for this!

  • Plurp

    I was not expecting that. And I think I would puke before I would soil my pants. But then, I get nauseous on the freakin' Ferris wheel.

  • Taras

    It's funny that they're playing the Russian Kosmonaut song in the background – definitely looks like it may be part of the training!

    • ipostic

      haha thats what I thought too. Part of KGB training :))) another thought – Chive gets a lot of russian themed things – either photos or videos… are they part of KGB? or KGB agent works there?

      • Donovan

        My thought too. In Russia, they train cosmonauts 60 at a time.

  • Ty Randerson

    I want to ride on it so bad!

    • medicman

      That's what she said… left me no choice but to write that

      • Ty Randerson

        I thought someone might, I'm okay with it. It was just there for the taking.

        • Ouch!

          So was your mom.

          • Ty Randerson

            Have fun with that? I hope you enjoy necrophilia…

  • moX

    Nothing special…?

  • CatfishJohn

    Chive, you owe me 2:59 of my life back for making me listen to that terrible f*$king song.

  • etcrr

    I'll watch everyone else get sick and hurl thanks

    • stan sucks

      fuck off!!

  • BostonChiver.

    The tomahawk at Six Flags New England is enough for me….forget twisting and dropping and then shitting my pants. Pepper needs new shorts!

    • LucretiusCarus

      I was thinking the same thing. I'd never seen one twist before–that would induce chunk-blowing from me for sure.

  • b-rad

    I demand a refund for my lunch,…and I haven't even been on that thing!!

  • Hater

    Looks like the John Denver Experience from Southpark…

    • perryinjax

      That was hilarious! Especially the muffled mic.. thanks for the link 😀

  • Tennessee

    Meanwhile at an unlicensed Soviet theme park…

    • perryinjax

      Haha LOL great comment xD "In soviet Russia theme parks ride you"

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