Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos one-up ‘Cat Daddy’ Kate Upton

You may have seen the recent Kate Upton video of her doing the sexy ‘Cat Daddy‘ dance. Well today, the gorgeous Melanie Iglesias and sassy Lisa Ramos challenged the 19 year old Upton with a response video. I’ll go ahead and let this play out for as long as possible.

  • adfasdf

    what a shit song.

    • derp

      What song?

  • Szy

    Not even CLOSE to Kate Upton. Also, trying way too hard.

  • Nishtai

    Nice. But Kate's natural charm, natural smile, natural moves and natural boobs beat the living shit out of this two. Upton Wins.

  • Daniel

    When women compete, everyone wins!

  • forever alone

    i like it when they follow each other dancin must be a culo thing

  • Taylor

    Kate Upton is fat. I'll Take Melanie's tight petite body all day!

  • el profe

    Kate Upton still wins. By a lot.

  • Janitor

    Kate won this contest

  • Aurelle

    Kate might have only been wearing a bikini but this feels more skanky for some reason….

  • pyrosis

    Kate did her dance in a bikini that was 2 sizes too small and she almost fell out of it. These two had too much clothing on. Points go to Kate.

  • CJSF

    I like my ladies of the Latin persuasion. I also think Kate Upton is a little dirty. However, Kate wins this round. Melanie has made her reputation on being the "cute little flirt" and the cat daddy needs a filthy slut.

  • Matt

    Oh my god, I don't know where to look on the screen! There's so much goodness!

  • This Sucks

    Fail. Kates in a bikini. This sucks.


    I want less clothing

  • Mr. Mac

    S/O to God given genetics for helping create these two beautiful women.

  • Joe

    they arent even doing the dance, kate upton blows both away, easy

  • Tony

    Not gonna lie….just watched this 5 times in a row

  • IceNL

    It's funny . The song is about gurlzz with ass. All three(incl Kate) have flat asses. Just sayin'

  • Chet McFakename

    Sweet buttery flavored Jesus that made my morning today

  • SunnyD

    While I very much enjoyed that, nice work ladies, Kate Upton is currently the BOMB! Tell me she isn't one of the hottest things on the planet becasue she looks like the hottest "normal" chick you've seen.

    Love her look, she seem less like the sterotypical VS model…although those girls are in another unvierse as well!

  • Cowboy

    Between these 2 ladies they have 8 times the clothing as Kate. Sorry ladies, Kate Upton by a mile of fabric…

  • Dude

    kate upton ftw, only way to beat her is to also do it in a bikini

  • The Don

    I don't think they one-upped anyone. Perhaps they need to re-assess their wardrobe before they go around spouting off victory.

    Kate Upton in that bikini is unlikely to be oneupped by anything other than an equally tiny bikini on twice as
    many attractive ladies.

    Points for trying, all submissions will still be thoroughly reviewed and viewed again. thank you.

  • Anton

    i wanna se this girls and dance with …in The club

  • Seabass22

    Upton has nothing to worry about!

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