Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos one-up ‘Cat Daddy’ Kate Upton

You may have seen the recent Kate Upton video of her doing the sexy ‘Cat Daddy‘ dance. Well today, the gorgeous Melanie Iglesias and sassy Lisa Ramos challenged the 19 year old Upton with a response video. I’ll go ahead and let this play out for as long as possible.

  • Vladmir Putin

    2 plastic bitches does not equal one Kate Upton. Not even close. I decided.

  • 2 is more than 1

    Seems the consensus is that Upton's attire wins – not Upton. My Gawd, ladies, have mercy!! You got my vote all day!

  • Big O

    In a contest like this …we are all winners.

  • @myiglesias

    Melanie Iglesias is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Stephanie

    All I see is two girls making a video of their "best" dance moves while Kates goes all the way through without any cutting or stopping. Stop trying to ride Kates hot ass and do something to make yourselves famous that doesn't include attaching your name to hers. She wins bitches!!

  • Matt

    Yeah not bad but really Kate is friggen awesome and those two girls don't match up against Kate.

  • C. Diddy

    One of the attractive things about Kate Upton is that she seems like a fun girl that doesn't take herself too seriously. I'm just saying I wish this video wasn't billed as" look at us we're way hotter than Kate Upton".

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