Newly Single Chivettes (31 Photos)

I'm going to start a new bi-weekly post on theCHIVE today, Newly Single Chivettes. So Chivettes, if you need a pick-me-up after the breakup, or you just feel like giving your ex the regret of his young life after every friend he has sends him a link to this page, use our handy-dandy submit page and give the boy both barrels.

As always, creativity is key. Enjoy the very first of many Newly Single Chivette posts...

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  • Guntherj

    Hey #6 are you by any chance in the northeast??? Please!!!

  • Codemaster1326

    How does one meet one of these lovely ladies?????????

  • pyrosis

    Love #29. She's doin' it right.

  • MattDM

    Any Ohio chivettes ? Jw I will take you in

  • TheGiblet

    Chive Dating service much?

    and #15


    I have that shirt… and a matching armband =P

  • @toph619

    #18 definitely has it in all the right places

  • sault ste. marie (sooite)

    You all are clearly stunning, I just hope you all find a guy who treats you all with the respect and desire that you deserve.

  • Erik Rowley

    Oh my goodness. I love Chivettes! and pictures 20, 29, and 31 😉

  • Slappy McNutts
  • Xhemial

    I have to ask this but are their any single Chivettes in Kelowna British Columbia Canada?

  • Guest255

    #2 You're in luck cause I'm from KS too!

  • Alex… hottest girl on this list!!! Her ex was stupid for breaking up with her!!!

  • aurora borealis

    dearest chivettes, i just broke up with my girlfriend. i'm finally single! it's hard to keep calm. i'm gonna rage on.

  • jog

    who do i send applications to?

  • Houdini1972

    #5..I love you

    • Jacklynn Socha


      • Houdini1972

        😉 i like you'r lip ring and of course I like you'r response.xx mike

  • Hibinho

    #3 where are you in Texas!?!?!?!?! Takes my breath away.

  • jonar777

    Dear chivettes number 1-30. Would you like to go out on a date with a fellow chiver? No? worth the shot in the dark.j

    • jonar777

      +31 thought there was only 30jonar

  • Zach

    #15 um yes. Yes he did…

  • ATXchiver

    lol, if any of these chivettes are in ATX, I'll make you forget about your ex bf's…


    Brilliant, simply brilliant Chive!!

  • Alex

    #22…. So hot!!!!

  • Justin

    #2 Absolutely gorgeous. Only way to describe you.

  • UofMin

    #1 you look like the girl from step up 2. You two are some of the sexiest girls on earth. Chive on MN

    • UofMin

      definitely meant #2

  • johnny


  • bdg

    #29 Please pull your hair into pigtails and give us the same pose????

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