Newly Single Chivettes (31 Photos)

I'm going to start a new bi-weekly post on theCHIVE today, Newly Single Chivettes. So Chivettes, if you need a pick-me-up after the breakup, or you just feel like giving your ex the regret of his young life after every friend he has sends him a link to this page, use our handy-dandy submit page and give the boy both barrels.

As always, creativity is key. Enjoy the very first of many Newly Single Chivette posts...

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  • Bob

    so many stupid guys in this world

  • Kevin Lujan

    Are any of these single girls in Cali? You are all beautiful and your ex-boyfriend are all idiots.

  • Nick Sumpter

    I don't think any of them will be single for long!!!

  • Tyler

    These (and future) awesome Chivettes should post where they are from so equally awesome Chivers can appreciate them.

  • Jay

    #21 from an Aussie Chiver guy, he has no idea what he is missing! If u r in BNE we can help u forget him and have a massive night!

  • Greg

    #15 #16 #17 i will gladly help 1 of you get over those ex's

    • Ahtnamas Tdimhcs

      Already did. Im not "Newly Single" its been over a year. I like the single life to an extent. haha

  • Julio

    Ladies add me on fb : )

  • Gaz

    #28 I LIKEY!

  • Bramvega

    They may all be hot, but i bet they are all as crazy as a shit house rat!!!!!

  • BrockO

    Well every single one of you are beautiful, but beauty doesn't make you a great woman. It's who you are inside. Keep your chin up keep calm and you know what else to do..

  • @falcoMVAgusta

    Breathtaking!!!!! WOW!!!

  • Ryan Wall

    #10 I did most certainly not.
    All so hot. Any in Washington?
    KCCO girls.

  • mikeltn

    #16 I think I am in love. GO VOLS!!!

  • Jon

    This post shows the stupidity of the males in this world.

    Any of you from Chicago?

    • Jacklynn Socha


  • Matthew

    #23 MOAR ASAP

  • David

    hot girls (like the ones here) always go out with dickheads who dont realize what they actually have. Decent guys who can see everything that makes a girl worth keeping dont get anywhere but friendzoned

    • mikeltn

      Sounds like someone needs to sac up and start making an effort to get what they want.

  • hmcby

    any girls seeking a sugar daddy, LOL. Sux getting older and all these beautiful single young ladies out there.

  • Kevin Lass

    Is #6 or #13 close to MN? or any of the rest from MN?

  • Matthew

    How do i meet me a Chivette? PS i have been converting BWIC's (Beautiful Women Into Chivettes)……basically a new found goal of mine. However i still want to meet an already Chivette…….Any advice?

  • Brett

    fuck guys you just proved we are all stupid thanks!!!!!!!

  • UGTP

    #3 MMM gotta love living in Texas, MOAR Please!!! From her of course!

  • Topher

    Tell you what i will take one for the team and date all of you at the same time and i know i know its selfless of me but this needs to be done … i please ever single one of you by Odin's beard. now whose up for the first mustache ride ?

  • david


  • Andyrew711

    <img src=>

    whenever you need company… lets just say, i'm a great "listener."

  • Twombomb

    #4 I would love to put a smile on that face!

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