Newly Single Chivettes (31 Photos)

I'm going to start a new bi-weekly post on theCHIVE today, Newly Single Chivettes. So Chivettes, if you need a pick-me-up after the breakup, or you just feel like giving your ex the regret of his young life after every friend he has sends him a link to this page, use our handy-dandy submit page and give the boy both barrels.

As always, creativity is key. Enjoy the very first of many Newly Single Chivette posts...

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  • RobbyRob901

    #7 boyfriend aint to bright! I would give her my paycheck everyweek & tell her to stay home! Good god!

  • Jrc

    No matter how hot she is, there some other guy out there sick of putting up with her shit.

  • Boycott

    Because FUCK POP UP ADS!

  • asdfl

    to quote an motivational poster:

    "no matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere is sick of putting up with her shit"

    guys that post comments saying they can't understand how someone would break up with you because your hot have never been in a relationship.

    • asdfl


  • thegoodnerd


  • Big Tex

    Nice Work!

  • fed

    careful guys, it's very easy to go from rebound to friend zone

  • ZinnNasty

    #2, #6, #31 You are all beautiful and I'm sure will not be single long. I'd love to fall in love with you!

  • CanadianCHIVER

    31 hot girls…31 girls dumped for a reason none the less. Prob crazies.

    • Belle

      Dumped cause of distance and cheated on actually
      Dont be a hater

  • Damian

    Well hell yes. I'll take them all. This is an internet dating site, right?

  • Slev.

    Chive, I fall in love 6 out of 7 days in the week because of you. Thanks! KCCO.

  • Bryan Wood


  • Vicwick

    Not a single picture taken in a kitchen. No wonder.

  • Jown Hepburn

    #21 Australian ❤ tell me you'r in Sydney 😀

  • Wade

    The saying is "don't mess with Texas", but I want to get into a mess with #3. Forgive me Lord because I want to SIN!!!

  • Kyle

    Omg #2 come try a nice guy!

  • Ryan

    #6 #29

  • laelow

    Daayuumnn, my future ex-wife.


  • michael D

    im also very single and lookin for a chivette, great, honest and hardworing looking for soneone to brighteb upny day

  • Falthor

    okay, not to be mean to any of these fine women, but I'd have to say if they dumped you you're better off. there has to be a reason why and if there is a reason staying would have just made things worse.

    As well and I'm not saying anything since I don't know any of you, but it's like they always say "No matter how pretty she is there's someone whose sick of her shit".

    If they had been the right one they wouldn't have gotten sick of your shit.

    Have a good day ladies, and find the right guy. For the record I'm definitely not sick of your shit.

  • Drew Welch

    #16, GO BIG ORANGE!! From an also single knoxville cchiver!

  • Chuy

    I doubt any of you gorgeous ladies will be single for long, unless a) being beautiful is all you have to offer or b) you are not actually looking for a partner right now.

  • Anonymous

    Wooow U girl are soooo amazing can’t believe they dump you by text !!! so gayyyy …now I know where to look when I’ll be single !!

    peace and love !!

  • A Jesse Divine

    I am a loyal Chiver, good job, great band, attending school, and also newly single…chive, help me out haha

  • tv_paul

    Me want nook..I mean cookie, but is she looking for a man or a muppet ( love that song)

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