Products made in the country of W.T.F. (26 Photos)

  • Shane

    Not gunna lie, Id buy #10

    • LucretiusCarus

      ^^ iDrone

      • HavocControl

        Or iSheep

    • xxwhodatxx

      For what? That's why U get an iPad in the first place to do away with keyboards. If that's what u want buy a laptop.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Please tell me you're a liar

    • Mickael Duncan

      This is why we can't have nice things.

    • sean

      hipster fag

  • Hellbender


    • ah beng

      close enough

    • Fall

      Haha! Stupid slow fuck!

      • God


    • Underbaker

      Everybody crap your hands. (crap crap crap crap crap crap crap) #15

    • jer


  • Gross Much

    #26 is awesome

    • McIrish

      I once ate an entire box of these before I realized my mistake.

  • McIrish

    #2 Me Chinese, me play joke…

    • Question_Mark_

      *pray joke

      • McIrish

        Dang! Yours is better.

    • C.Chan

      Racist, much?

      • Zip it

        Fuck off, zipperhead

        • pewpewpew

          LOL don't you have a cousin or sister for you to bone?

        • pewpewpew

          i ❤ racist white people ;]

      • therealbuckfoston

        Char-rie? Is that you?

      • CharlieG_TX

        Lighten up Francis

    • Nate

      Dude, it's made in Ghana (Africa)…

      • Lex Williams

        …you missed it

    • the dude

      McIrish you are the king!!

      • McIrishes Dickk

        Hop off

    • Underbaker

      Haven't heard that one in years, thumbs way up.

    • Ryan

      Product of Ghana. Last time I checked, there isn't a large Chinese population in Ghana. Still searching for an intelligent racist.

    • TooManyPaleFaces

      holy shit when did fuckin micks learn to use the internet? dont you have a potato to get killed by?

  • Question_Mark_

    I kinda want #12

    • Caleb Pierce

      I really want # 12 to go raving in. Where do I find them?

      • Minner

        The brand is Naked and Famous jeans. The jeans were limited editions actually and we discontinued last fall. Naked and Famous Jeans is also the company that made the scratch and sniff jeans featured on this site before. check em out:

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #3 Vergina in a can sounds like a great idea

    • Groggy

      It exists, it's called a Fleshlight.

      • Shannonisagirlname

        He already knows that…he borrowed etcrr's

        • Shannon Coverdale


  • Monte Chiver

    #3 & #13 kinda go together. #18 is straight WTF??? An egg log? Musta been on backed up hen

    • Monte Chiver

      * One backed up hen. Guess I need #10…

    • Polygonpoop

      Actually – Egg "logs" – or tube eggs are also used in Denmark, especially at kitchens who prepare mass meals for the elderly or for public schools etc. Something about getting rid of salmonella and other bacteria safely… Imagine 5000 elderly or school children with the runs.
      – I'ts a big walk down memory lane for me, as those eggs were served at least twice a week when I was a wee lad in skøøl 🙂

  • Dan S

    Dude. I litterally just sent in a pic of Cock Flavored Soup. Saw the title of this group of pictures and thought I must have made it on. Well I didn't….

    • MehChive

      Sad story bro.

      • Dan S

        destroyed my confidence bro…day is ruined.

        • MehChive

          Same. Let's lift our spirits by getting some soup. Flavor suggestion?

    • donuts

      that picture has been submitted so many times that they just ignore it now.
      it was even in a post of "stop sending us these pictures"

      • If you said so...

        I tried find that post, but I have been unable to. Link? Do you have some partial quote from the title or something I can work with?

    • Dan S

      I bring zero value to the Chive…Im gonna go eat cock soup now

    • sneederbee

      I feel your pain, bro. Sent in a pic of a bottle of Kangaroo Essence i saw in China. And is it here?

  • reaperMEDIC

    #2 Pee you say? Go on….. <img style="-webkit-user-select: none; cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; " src="×205.jpg&quot; width="192" height="122">

    • pat

      hahahaha this comment had me laughing for a good 5 min. nice one!!!

    • T Bags

      I see what you did there. No really, nice comment Mate!

    • jer

      you sire are awesome today

  • XOXO

    fucking hipsters

    • Dabears

      Just saw this at a as seen on tv store. Really? Why?

      • drooler

        because it is hilarious. i just bought one i would say it is mostly awesome!

        • dasdasdsa

          drooler is a fucking hipster.

    • Epic_Failure1

      Where do I buy this? This would be great for driving

  • rich

    #21 what's going on here? (…other than boobs)

    • allisorrigby

      Lifting and separating?

    • moX

      you put that there so you don't get wrinkles in your cleavage after sleep

      • Dave

        I can think of an all natural product that does the same job.

    • mike

      i will take the job and for only half the cost! or 3 easy payments of $29.99!

    • Claire

      it stops one from crushing the other. i need one!

  • BigPup

    #1 Snooki chips…

  • McIrish

    #7 Catering to laziness is what Merica is all about.

    • Yeah

      Catering to alcoholism is what Ireland is all about.

    • tom

      Take a close look at the box frenchy

  • LucretiusCarus

    #10 Pretty much everything that is wrong with Apple and the iDrones right there.

    Though I'm sure a drone will make sure to point out this is a product made by a third party vendor or some crap…

    • RobsterCraws

      ^douche drone

    • Earth

      thank you captain superior…

      please STFU

      • Captain who?

        If I ever met ANYONE who was a captain superior it was an iDrone with his brand new iToy talking about how great it was and how everyone should use it and everything else sucked.

        You know it's true.

    • iDrone

      just so you know, this product is actually made by a third party company called, i believe, Spinning Hat. So it really signifies nothing wrong with Apple.

      • mike


      • LucretiusCarus

        Haha–you, sir, are my hero. Well played.

    • curious

      Hey, LC, are you trying to be the new Paula or what???

      • LucretiusCarus

        Interesting question, I suppose. I just have a few strongly held convictions, e.g.: iDrones exists, a fact of which the above picture is emblematic; cats suck; a nice ass is better than nice tits; etc.

        But I couldn't possibly be a fraction of the troll Paula is. I suspect he/she/it would be insulted you could even suggest it.

        It's also my understanding that if you say "Paula" three times fast trolls eat your liver and Guatemalan babies die.

  • PenthouseTommy

    I should get my ex-wife #6

  • organix85

    #1 I bet that goes well with Squirt.

    • Underbaker

      Then you would have #14

      • Direthol

        pussi is just the finnish word for bag.

        but it is funny when you are buying cds and the hot cashier starts saying something and all you understand is pussi….. until she realizes you are a tourist and asks then in english if you want a bag for your stuff. 😦 sad day.

  • Lisa

    #10 F*ckin hipsters

  • Monte Chiver

    #1 MEGAPUSSI! Free cape with 8 proof of purchase seals.

  • morebeer

    #21 boob divider?

    • Web2992

      I can do that for her for free.

    • Tittaysftw

      Find bewbs!

  • Takingbackcider

    #7 For when your wrist is tired…

  • untamedride

    #23 you never know when you need a bottle opener

    • Macro

      I saw those at American Eagle last week. Looks like it would be very distracting to the vision.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Nothing short of fucking genius right there…

    • Jdh

      Just use a lighter…

      • yeah

        coz everyone smokes…

    • Beerman

      Pretty handy. He's doing it right, drinking Stone IPA.

  • DrMa7moud

    #21. What does that thing do .. Other than hide her boob

    • Stephanie

      Its for women with C+ cup breasts who sleep on their side. Its supposed to prevent cleve wrinkles. Oh, and to let potential suitors know you're totally into titty fucking.

      In case my sweet sweet endorsement made any chivettes want one heres a link to purchase:

      • Atrain

        sounds like a glowing endorsement from you, but………

        pics or it didn't happen

  • McIrish

    #11 A perfect example of why you should read the entire label. I've been using this stuff ALL wrong.

    • Imzkid

      Bet no bug bites on the junk though .

    • DrFunkenstein

      Now you know the reason why your peen shriveled up and melted off hahaha. Maximum Deet!

  • Paste42

    #24 You probably shouldn't use a driver in tall grass anyways…


    What to you mean WTF? Alot of these are awesome…

    • heywood jablome

      hell yes they are!

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