Products made in the country of W.T.F. (26 Photos)

  • Mario

    WTF # 2. Lucky I never drank this while I was there.

  • Mario

    WTF #2. Lucky I never drank this while I was there.

  • Yessirr


  • Big Joe

    #15 rooks ok to me

  • todd

    #3, tastes pretty good at first, but when you get towards the bottom it starts to taste like ass…

    • Monte Chiver


  • DB Conor

    #5 Hole in the front should be bigger, and the brim should be shorter. But not much.

  • Diana Santos

    #13 fresh written by a chinese…

  • MattKL

    #11 Wouldn't your arm get tired applying this?

  • Craigery

    #24 If you're going to cheat, why not just move the ball?

  • Moknowsbest

    #26 the only free prize is the infection

  • 16inchzipper
  • myles

    #4 gotta b the best icecream in aus apart from a drumstic/cornetto

  • Samsson

    Yeah, Finland participates with not one but two funny products!
    #1 and #14 are both from Finland. And if you didn't know, pussi means bag… 😉

  • Shat_Thrice


    I have these at home. They taste HORRIBLE.

  • kateeO

    #21 is for when your knocked up an your fun bags get soo big an sore..pretty good idea actually

  • sithney

    #21 …proceed…

  • Arid

    Designed for the lazy fisherman. BONUS – Also looks like you are saluting someone from the boat when opening your beer.

  • Elwood Blues
  • aussie

    #4 OI! Gaytimes are a classic Aussie icecream! Soooooo delicious…

  • Matt A

    #15 seems legit

  • WallaceAdrian

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  • Aussie

    I'm going to buy one today after seeing this!

  • Keith_D

    I actually know a few girls who would love to know where they can get #21…

  • Tobyelius

    I get it… They misspelled Sesamre Street. #15

  • WaikikiWayne

    #22 I actually bought this for my Mom for Christmas as a joke… She didn't "get" the joke

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