State Fairs, like insane asylums for food (32 Photos)

  • TTT

    I would probably try #18 any time

  • Alec Trevelyan

    I'm not gonna lie–the pizza cone might just be the most brilliant idea ever.

  • Guse

    #9 is the only way I can put up with the idiots at the Ren Faires.

    Sure, each Scotch Egg is taking years off my life, but good God are they delicious!

  • tv_paul

    #10n #25

    I want me a pizza cone & choco-bacon!!!

  • Falthor

    #2 FTW the Walking Taco, got my first one at Cedar Point about 4 years ago, DELICIOUS! you can actually feel your arteries closing as you eat one though…

    #10 and #19 both look interesting I'll have to keep my eye out for them.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    I dont understand why all of the kids in this country are so fat… oh wait #6

  • rich

    One of the things that makes America great is ingenuity.

  • like boobies

    Did anyone else think it all looked gross?

    • @LuNcH_bOx13

      Nope, just you.

  • thomas

    I forwarded this to my culinary arts teacher an he is firing up the fryer 🙂

  • Joshua Sammy

    Alot of these look really good!

  • David Allen

    Havin some o those Krispy Kream cheeseburgers tonight!! I'll let you know how it goes pending I'm not dead tomorrow.

  • mimi

    #18 the only one that looks delicious

  • lackofabetter

    Anyone else have a boner right now?

    • B.Oner

      The weirdest one, yeah.

  • B-to-the-H

    State fairs: proof you can deep fry anything.

  • anon


  • Chris

    As I am a Chef I have to tell you that almost everything sooner or later will kill you slow. But otherwise I would like to taste some of this shit..

    • rich

      I like how you present your credentials before making such a bold statement. thumbs up!

  • S.Freud


    They call them "taco in a bag" where I'm at. Awesome idea, but I wasn't too impressed with how it tasted. I'll try it again, though. The word "taco" just can't be ignored.

  • John

    I think I heard my arteries cloggin as i looked through this

  • Charles Chuggington

    Scotch eggs are normal here in the UK, you berks #9

    • G.Washington

      And. . .? So what, limey.

    • Yankee

      So are bad teeth and ugly women. Your point is?

      • yankee is a prick

        better then fake teeth and fake women..

        • Uncle Sam

          I could spit in any direction and hit a better looking woman than anything the UK has. Our dogs are better looking that your "women"–and they smell better.

          • Simon

            Nice. I'm sure she'd love being spat on. Stay classy.

          • P90

            You may think that but incest is illegal.

            • Yankee

              You're going to bring up incest when talking about the UK? Have you taken a look at your royal family's ancestry lately?

              • P90

                Yeah because roughly twenty members of our royal family represents all sixty millions of us even though Britain in one of the most diverse places on the planet..

          • videologic

            ffs, I've been to america a few times and the people there really don't look any different, except a few fashion things, like women wearing baseball caps.

            On TV americans only allow good looking people with perfect teeth, that's the only real difference

      • TheLimey

        Britain does not have a monopoly on bad teeth or ugly women, checked the meth stats in merica recently?

      • P90

        That's absolute bullshit you fucking retard.

        • Yankee

          'Fucking retard' is the extent of your reply? Seriously? Is that honestly the best you could come up with?

          Wow. You have totally disarmed me with that one, sir. I am at a loss as to how to reply to such an eloquent and well thought out counter to my post. Your wit is phenomenal, your intellect obviously superior to mine, and the ease with which you have laid me low is surely a testament to centuries of carefully planned breeding.

          'Fucking retard' should become the battle cry of armies across the globe. Surely–surely!–such a display of superiority would render an opposing army weak and cause them to lay down their arms in surrender. Why, sir, it ranks right up there with the most famous and awe inspiring speeches of all time:

          "We will fight them on the beaches. . ."
          "Four score and seven years ago. .."
          "Damn the torpedoes. . ."
          "Ich bin ein Berliner. .."
          "Fucking retard. . ."

          You must have thought long and hard to come up with that, sir. I do hope that it did not tax you too much and leave you exhausted. We can't have that, not now! There is a world to save! Go forth and fuck retards!

          Just remember, that retard you still live with is your mom. You might want to stay away from her. Your family already has one mentally defective monkey thanks to inbreeding. Your gene pool doesn't need more.

          • ticklemyelmo


          • videologic

            tbh it wasnt a post that deserved a better response.

          • P90

            Oh how you wound me, however will I live on, oh that's right you mean less than sweet FA in the grand scheme of my life. My comment was in response to someone using false stereotypes about British teeth (Officially the healthiest in the world) and British women while on a site that regularly posts pictures of stunning British women that everybody goes crazy for, that to me is retarded and by jumping to the defense of an obviously stupid stranger like you did out of some stupid nationalistic loyalty is also a pretty retarded thing to do. As for the gene pool comment, that is not a national stereotype for Britain, that's a stereotype for America.

    • Kodos

      right mate; they forgot to include a pint of bitter!

    • Simon

      But do you know where "berk" comes from?

      (hint, it's not very polite when you find out)

      • P90

        Rhyming slang FTW.

  • Sam

    Don't forget kettle corn, that shit is like cocaine

  • dnote42

    i shouldn't be looking at these when im hungry… ill take 2 of #6

  • Hoagmeister

    DIABETUS FACTORIES!! Eat and die, Fatboys!!!

  • etcrr

    #6 heart attack burger

  • 0331

    Love the fat jokes! Now for the bad news, people are fat and have diabetus because they spend their lives in front of computers, tv, and video games.

    • GernBlansten


  • kw1q51lv3r

    How the FUCK do they fry DRINKS!?

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