State Fairs, like insane asylums for food (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Looking thru local paper for next fair!

  • CLM

    #9 is really common in the UK, and we don't have #21 but we have fried mars bars which are pretty similar. #10 however is pure genius…

  • tigercub

    #31 w
    hy not just hold the cup

  • Jamie

    MERICA !! This is why you are fat and the world hates you !!!


    #10 mother of god……..

  • Gabino Salgado Jr

    Some of these pictures hurt my diabetes…

  • salmon

    #6 whaaat

  • Freaksngeeks

    #2 it's called taco salad and it's nothing new

  • Frank the Finger

    Chivettes just a reminder… don't forget to stick me down your throat after eating this crap.

  • Oran Allen

    Yum to the Umph degree

  • @mayerjacoby

    the chive has sunk to a new low. this is just sad.

    girls. why do you need so much self validation? is your confidence that bad? use your brain, read a book, quit posting on the chive for the off chance you might have some creepy 40 year old comment onyou.

    chive: please produce more culturally competent material like, great American thinkers, or great scientific discoveries, or great researchers of the past decade, black novelists, chinese american activists, great feminine lawyers, etc. Not just boobs.

    The chive is awful in that it glorifies the white woman with blond hair and fake breasts. We should be celebrating achievements in education.

    The chive also encourages binge drinking, which is a serious problem in the United States. I don't understand why we celebrate drinking in universities (most are underage), we should celebrate using our minds to harness in this expensive education. This is why we lag against the world.

    Furthermore, it is disgusting to have grown 40 year old men ( and racist mac) go to universities trying to act as predators, grow the fuck up gentlemen.

    Lastly, if you do want to put pictures of women, how about some inte gration? Not just blonde women, but African americans!

    if you want change we can believe in, email me at chiveisracist@gm



  • tst4eko

    All the scales across 'merica just exploded by themselves after this posting

  • Smash

    This is why you are fat!

  • turd ferguson


  • markas91

    #22 #11 how does one fry a liquid?

  • Paige Stine

    #31 Just cuz we can does not mean we should.

  • Sean

    If you are from the gulf coast fried alligator is pretty much an option year round

  • Chad

    #2 WTF is with the second food pics being iconic in my life. Oh well. The "Walking Taco" was my Wednesday high school lunch. Our high school was not in the federal lunch program so we had some real neat creations. Wednesdays was Doritos Taco Bag Day. Take a bag of Doritos, a little seasoned beef, lettuce, pico, and cheese and you get a yummy lunch.

  • Devil

    Quarter of the way through this post I started to vomit. Do people really eat this shit?

  • Vent187

    Wow, a lot of effort went into #29

  • Powder

    #8 #20 I'll take two!

  • A Canadian

    It's no wonder You Americans are obese.

  • George Zip

    #10 is genius; the rest are pretty disgusting. At least at a glance. When I used to work in a restaurant, and we got bored, we used to fry things to see how they'd taste. Usually food; I'm guessing this is how the Monte Cristo was invented. But once we fried up some rose petals and ate them. I think I did the same with coffee beans.

  • @dmmiller2427


    Gator is good stuff! It's lean and has a high concentration of protein (double the amount of a serving of chicken). That leads to a bit more calories, but just watch the amount you eat. Deliciousness!

    • Scotsman

      fried gator is fan-freakin'-tastic!

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