State Fairs, like insane asylums for food (32 Photos)

  • WallaceAdrian

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  • Guest

    Just looking at this makes my stomach hurt.

  • TheJesus

    Don't know if I'm proud or embarrassed to admit that I've had seven of those hahaha

  • April C.

    #4 #13 #20 Sounds amazing

  • blackbird163

    i feel fatter now 😛

  • Fish

    How the fuck do you deep-fry a soft drink?

  • @rickybello

    diabetes on a stick

  • CAB

    You Americans are Freaks, is there anything you won't fry???

  • spennybig

    No 9 is for sale in every single supermarket in the UK, strange people americans……..

  • PvtDeth

    Some of these are gross but every one of them looks so good. Except for beer on a stick. That's just silly.

  • Huntsworth

    i would give up both my nuts for #20 love me some pulled pork!!!

  • Mke

    How do you not have cream puffs?

  • Dave

    I'll take 1lb.

  • Trevor

    #2 It's called 'Taco-in-a-Bag'!!

  • David

    When did a walking taco become a state fair food? Ive been eating that shit since i was in little league!

  • Nick

    #9 Scotch eggs? not sure they're that insane, you get them everywhere here (England) they're a party food and picnic stable, really nice too.

  • Jim


  • Freddwit2dz

    I really like the pizza cone hopefully the whole con was filled with cheese…

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  • Brett Hall

    #9 Scotch Eggs are traditional UK Pub Food not fair food.

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