• laelow

    About time ! I need a "BFM" and a "Chive" t-shirt.

  • Chiver

    reading half of these and following the with
    in my head lol

  • AF ROB

    HA HA!! I know what this picture is!! I don't need a job, but I just wanted to comment on this pic. I was there when it happened! This was taken when I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was a munitions system specialist in the Air Force there. This first year, dumb shit Airman drove this CBU (that's Cluster Bomb Unit to you laymen out there) right off the dock!! HA HA! I couldn't believe it when I pulled up and saw this shit! I was laughing my ass off right from the get go! LOL! Good times!

  • diamond

    Good idea maybe hire 2 people.

    I love The Chive but after I got my KCCO shirt I was upset. It arrived defective I am very unhappy with The Chivery and I contacted customer support and after Many emails to them and still no resolution to my issue. I can't wear the shirt I got even though I had to go through hell to get it.

    The worst customer service possible, but I blame that on the logistics company The customer service has been piss Poor very disappointed. The quality of the shirt was very poor and the silk screen was off center. I will KCCO but come on people!

  • Grant

    You guys should look into hiring a veteran! Last time I checked returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have one of the highest unemployment rates in the US. From all the awesome post to the Brigade I am sure you could find some potential candidates that would love the opportunity. And what a great way to give back!

    (Just fyi I'm not a veteran trying to toot his own horn)
    Just sayin…

  • Tobyelius

    Hire a fork lift driver first. No flipping wonder to can't keep your shelves stocked.

  • Umpa

    Just produce the Shirts yourself! will save you up to 25,000$ in the first year alone!
    Step 1. contract a engineer to to build a porous printer. (cost between 2000$ and 3000$)
    Step 2. hire a cheap ass intern to do the Printing. / can produce about 500 shirts a day
    This will make you more flexible to react to orders as they come in and should also improve the quality of your Shirts and you will save money as you want have to go through a Supplier that takes a shit load of money for printing on a shirt!

  • AlleinSoldat

    What's awesome about this photo? I probably know the guy that drove it off the docking bay.

  • Baby Farts Esquire

    Would the position come with a BFM shirt?

  • Garret

    I just want to know when the KCCO fire shirt will be in stock

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