Tokyo is known for its fashion — mostly for how bad it is (40 Photos)

Images via Tokyofashion

  • RandomTask09

    Maybe that Nicki Minaj creature travels here for inspiration?

    • Jjt

      Don't forget the beast lady gaga

    • Jay$$

      I'm just surprised Jackie Chan has so many different outfits.

      • Jay More $

        Do you like fried chicken?

    • hydrogenbond

      Whatever, it's their style and it's not meant for you. At least they give a damn about what they wear beyond some stupid t-shirt with Bill Murray on it or photoshopped girls in their underwear.

      • Always Last

        I'd rather see this than the emo people.

  • etcrr

    There has to be something in their water to make them all this weird

    • Witchlover

      Fuck they're ugly!

    • DeadEye Dick

      Nuclear fallout?

      • Joblo

        Lol was gonna saw the same thing. Guess this is what happens after a nuke

    • rich

      "make them all this weird"? you're a dumbfuck, etcrr.

    • JackDiesel

      Fukashima #5

    • pewpewpew

      psh.. ive seen crazier shit in walmart…

    • error

      You mean like Hippies, Child molesters (mostly Catholic Priests) and Serial Killers (Jeffrey Dahmer)?

      • Uhhmm

        how the fuck are you gonna put hippies in with child molestors and jeffrey fuckface? you sir are retarded.

  • kryvian

    *poker face*

    *moves along*

  • Erik Plate

    Suddenly lady gagas outfits seem normal….well maybe….never mind

  • Robert Flint

    Guess I've been out here too long most of those seem pretty normal

    • TokyoREW

      Same here. Coming up on my 6th year in Tokyo and was thinking, "So, where's the unusual shtuff?"

  • @antcruz

    #40 is bone-able.

    • Boobies

      Lol. I see what you did there…

    • The Chird

      I completely agree

    • Ben

      yep, I'd stuff her cornhole

    • banananah

      do you think she's a carnivore? I have some meat for her…

      • banananah

        yuck, i am disgusted by myself

  • @Ninja_Spidey

    i live in japan and believe me….its gets worse than these photos.

    • Martin_McFly

      It's true.. the Harijuku Hipsters (arguably the most eccentric) will steal your camera if they catch you taking their picture.

      • GernBlansten

        You mean draw back a bloody stump after attempting to steal my camera?

        • OpMongoose

          Ahh. Classic Gern.

    • Underbaker

      I'm guessing most of them are dressed like some anime character, my daughters could probably name each one.

      • ShibuyaNatsukashii

        You would guess wrong, actually. They're just trying to be hip
        It's "just a phase" for most of them, before they get crushed by society and change in Salarymen (black suit, horrible tie) or Office Lady (beige skirt, white.blouse)

    • Ian Anderson

      Ahh, another guy going to Japan thinking he's a big shot with yellow fever…typical.

      • yeah

        "i live in japan and believe me….its gets worse than these photos."

        From that statement you get that he thinks he's a big shot with yellow fever? Tell us Ian…does it take years of study and a degree of some kind to be that much an a fucking idiot?

        • Ian Anderson

          I assume by your angry response that you too are American with dreams of being "famous" in an Asian country…typical.

          • Break lance

            Tell me how I can make this possible. I can't and won't learn your language, only speak American. I won't eat your rice food, only American for me because Americaaaaaa! (eff ya!) I also currently don't reside in your country or really wish to be there – I just want to be a celebrity cause i'm so smart and funnAMERICA!!!!! Sorry that happens sometimes.

  • Muadieb

    People from capitol city in Hunger Games?

    • meh.

      thats outside of denver.

    • GernBlansten

      Hunger Games = Twilight for kids who 'think' they're cool.

  • fendermallot

    apparently they all want to be taller. Barely any photos without someone wearing platforms! Also, why does everyone throw up peace signs in asian countries? Wait, most of them were under British rule at once time… they're all flipping us off, aren't they?! 😀

    • Simon

      Different sign entirely, I'm afraid. Palm out, peace. Palm in, potentially offensive. Depending on where you're from, of course.

    • spike

      In Japan it means yata….which is sort of a celebratory exclamation. you have prpbably heard vidoe game charaters say it.

    • fendermallot = idiot

      You're an idiot. Who was under british rule? Maybe India and a few small territories in Hong Kong & Singapore and that's about it.

  • Spywith1eye

    Haaaaa i got you playa @antcruz! Yuuuup Bone-able! Bone-able indeed!

    • @Exile714

      You missed the reply button.

  • Samrit Machielsen

    Hmmmm Samurai's and Ninjas don't seem so bad ass anymore

    • right.

      I think by viewing this post it makes ninjas look more awesome, as they have removed themselves from whatever this culture seems to be.

  • DJC

    As much as I *ahem* don't like what they are wearing, I think it's pretty cool how most of them look individual. Better than hipsters anyway…

    • Boobies

      This is the Asian version of hipsters.

    • banananah

      yeah, most people, wearing non standard clothing, being individuals and all

    • thedude325

      Yea I'd definitely visit Japan….once.

  • Frenchiver

    Sorry Chive, don't see the point of the post :/

    • Boobies

      Sorry Frenchiver, don't see the point of the post :/

      • banananah

        Sorry boobies, i have to work late this evening :/

    • snooze

      why not wave a white flag instead?

      • LOL

        Haha oh snap!

  • MI

    OMG ! Whats wrong with those people !?!

  • Oregon_country

    I bet if you went to any major city in the US it wouldnt be much different. Tell me NY and LA wouldnt have a few "differently" dressed people?

  • kylecali

    #19 pretty sure that's just a normal kimono, a traditional kind of Japanese clothing. the rest of the pictures seem like cosplay.

    • MattKL

      Yeah, this one seems pretty normal.

    • alexsmart

      except you never wear a hat with a kimono. so no, this is not normal

  • Byron_Black

    Oh, what the hell. Let them be kids. As soon as you get an office job in Japan, you turn into an emasculated drone.

  • Hank

    Well, it's more interesting than people wearing sweatpants all the time.

  • Chris

    Looks like Howad Stern was able make it after all.

    • @McBeastie666

      I think the Ramones impregnated some people on the last Japan tour.

      • Hunter

        Joey's love child!

  • Boobies

    They all look perfectly normal. Well, except for #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39, and #40.

    Other than that, all normal.

  • vandal


  • Cal1

    All black belts in kung foo so they can dress like they want

    • LucretiusCarus

      Pretty sure Kung Fu is Chinese, not Japanese.

      "I'm originally from Laos."

      "So, are you Chinese or Japanese?"

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #2 There's one in my class that has outfits like this.

    • Deviant

      it's called lolita

    • Sami

      there's actually a lot of us lolitas, the fashion is growing tremendously 🙂 i myself actually wear it to class 😀

  • Rod

    Japan – where people like to get dressed in the dark.

  • fed

    #14 on the right is dressed well, actually

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