Tokyo is known for its fashion — mostly for how bad it is (40 Photos)

Images via Tokyofashion

  • Zachary Franklin

    I'm working in Japan right now. Let me tell you this, The women wearing skirts with knee-high boots more than make up for ALL the weird dress.

    • Boobies

      Pics or it didn't happen.

      • Anon

        I went there last year and the girls there show of their legs SO much. It's amazing. Pretty much every good looking girl wears shorter shorts or skirts than anyone would in NA.

    • Mos

      right on! even in the winter they're wearing skirts. i love japan.

      in general, japanese are way better dressed than americans.

      i'd much rather have the Harajuku weirdness (which is its intent), than the army of american fatness rampaging through the shopping mall food courts on overloaded rascal scooters.

  • Crc

    And. They were all found on the same corner? . . Some people's kids

  • Mack

    #40 Professional pet peeve: the fibula on the right leg is in the wrong position, medial to the tibia. It's supposed to be on the lateral side… I can't stand these inaccuracies! 😀

    • anervusguy

      They used the same stencil for both legs. I think she was going for the fashion statement, not medical accuracy.

  • DaddyD

    Some of the girls are pretty hot. Don't care what they wear if they take it off under the covers.

  • Lu Ishizaka

    Firstly, the couple in #1 are off to school. Their hair is no different than your standard Hot Topic scene kid. Secondly, they've collated the most outrageous of fashions in all of Shinjuku, Harajuku and all the 'funky' areas of the city. There are plenty of people in suits, and very conservative dress.
    For a densely populated country like Japan, we need to be a little extra different to be deemed, well- different!

  • Turrebo

    For a minute I thought I was looking at screenshots from an upcoming Final Fantasy game.

  • Trysmaill

    There is a total lack of joy in most of these pictures

  • anon

    I'd hit it.

  • Frank

    dear Chive, if you are so judgemental and naive, then i will gladly take every woman in tokyo for myself, thank you for this gracious gift

    • stonewall_79

      Thanks for your sacrifice man, take them all.

  • Bob

    At least #19 is a proper kimono.
    #40 is almost passable

  • Dielawn19k

    Sheesh, and I thought the Koreans had strange tastes in fashion when I was there. These dudes make even the weirdest person in Seoul look normal.

  • Big C

    Most of these pics are shot in front of the same building, and also appear to be shot on the same day, as well. I'm guessing that this is some kind of annual event where dressing in this fashion isn't really out of the ordinary. Just a guess.

  • ChiFin

    Looks from Helsinki

  • oldmanbingle

    I love you Japan!

  • nivek2798

    I'm ok with #6 #37 and #40

  • Tipster

    #33 Japanese Michael Cera

  • AliceBelaqua

    Still better than the crap I see girls almost wearing in Western culture.

  • Rusticles

    Holy Fuckin Shit!!!!!

  • thetech2

    and not a single fuck was given in Japan

  • The Emperor

    The Asians are an inscrutable folk.

  • BDB

    I miss living in Japan.

  • b3nje

    This shit all rocks..

    Western world can leaarn alot from them,

  • S.Freud


    Oh my GOD Chive! She's OBVIOUSLY underage! What are you THINKING!!!! You disgusting PEDOS! Sick sick sick! SHAME ON YOU!


  • Scott

    coming soon to America. Also, whats wotu all the face masks?

  • Ireland4517

    #32 – Olson sister?

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