Tokyo is known for its fashion — mostly for how bad it is (40 Photos)

Images via Tokyofashion

  • Jordan

    wait there are chunky Japanese girls?

  • @GamerKitty84

    And I would still give anything the live around them then the trashy rednecks that I see everyday in my small town hell

    • @Gamerdog48

      I agree and I think we're soulmates.

  • LuckyVu13

    All are still better than Affliction apparel ^_^

    • @GamerKitty84

      Yes, well said sir! 😀

  • Pat_Bateman1

    I cant tell which one are the chicks.

  • Big Poppa

    Better Tyo than A&F oh and my mate Russel Brand says he can't see anything wrong? but he keeps nicking my hairspray cheeky monkey.

  • haeddre

    I've been to Tokyo… and yes… this is how majority of them dress… and this is during the day… night time is MUCH worse!!! The girls dress like baby dolls and the guys dress like Miami Vice gone wrong… Sad… so sad!

  • ADT

    Love me some Japan!

  • Jason Brooks

    There are a couple that are weird'ish and a few look like they maybe from some sort of cosplay, but i've seen a hell of alot weirder outfits at so called "Fashion shows" that boarder on the wtfwhywouldanyonewearthat let alone actually PAY for it, but hey its all personal (social) taste i guess.

  • Paige Stine

    Tokyo, the place where it is Halloween all the time but minus the candy.

  • Anna

    i love this! i love it all. i want to dress like these people. its decided…. I'm moving!


    #37 The only pic that was ok to look at.

  • suck

    Actually, fuckhead, Tokyo is the epicenter of fashion.

    Now go back to your faggot jeans and gay green t-shirt. Twat.

  • Vent187

    I'm moving to Japan, i love holloween and I guess it happens every day there.
    #32 seriously dude??

  • Vent187

    I meant #36

  • Priidik Kurik

    kinda epic if u ask me … me like

  • Glaspotron

    Either taking acid in Tokyo is a great idea or the worst idea ever….. jury is still out.

  • Jonathon Kendall

    Looks like all these pictures were taken in Akihabara.On that note, it's actually pretty rare to see people dressed like that outside of Akihabara. So no, this does not reflect Tokyo's fashion. Akihabara is one district of Tokyo, not the whole city. The Japanese have a name for most of the people in these pictures: "Otaku." (aka extreme Anime fan boys/girls) I've been stationed in Japan for 3 years, I've only seen one "Otaku" dressed very similar to the ones in these photos on a train. The title for these photos is incorrect but, if you haven't been to Japan you wouldn't know any better.

  • Edd

    #3 is the best and can easily be a video game character

  • Brian Oliver

    Hight Fashion

  • Bob

    None of this is any weirder than stuff you would see in the good ol'U.S. of A. If you're going to pick on Japan, do it for the tentacle porn.

  • Samurai

    Too bad they don't dress like this anymore:

  • Stick Stoner

    Japanese hipsters?

  • Yermum

    At least they're giving it a go. Seeing people either clad in Abercrombie or a stars and stripes shirt with a mullet wobbling across the parking lot to get to Rotten Ronnie's kind of shuts your mouth on this one. Well it would, but you're American so there goes any hope of quiet…

  • Gallus

    #19 seems normal, just a kimono. Otherwise, I can't believe people go out in public looking like that.

  • monoxxide

    its a trap the guys are guys and the what appear to be girls are guys too watch out!!!!

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