Tokyo is known for its fashion — mostly for how bad it is (40 Photos)

Images via Tokyofashion

  • dave

    they're cooler and have more style than American hipsters

  • Christina

    Worst "article" I've ever read probably. It's all about personal taste.

  • wmship

    I just came from Tokyo. No jeans or chucks on these chicks. Dresses & Skirts.. heels and coats and hand bags. They get decked out, and soo many beautiful girls. Even the students dress like they're going to a job interview. Impressive indeed.

  • Lds

    stupid outfits are stupid!!!

  • The Metal

    Ridiculous title, Japan has wonderful fashion sense. Everything is so lively and interesting while everything here in the states are so dull.

  • McWhitey

    To the neg commenters…if it was blonde white bitches, they'd be hot and in fashion, right? Of course. No to China made products but IKEA. Oh ya let's flock there like a bunch of sheeps. It's not foreign made, the company owners are white and blonde.

  • Dez

    Some of these people look just like the hipsters in LA.

  • Karlson & McKenzie


  • Jasmine Lillian Elise Gallegos

    Quick question, . . . . . .. . . . . What the hell is wrong with these people?? Not trying to judge or anything, but wow, do they give out free drugs on the street corners or something? Cause those are some interesting characters!

  • south_bay_guy

    Come on japan, you guys aren't tricking anybody with those tall platform shoes

  • 0_o

    every now and again there's one that makes me go "huh?" but overall Japanese street fashion makes me smile. all those shiny things and bright colors :3

  • @GamerKitty84

    At least they aren't obese Americans walking around wearing things that make you wanna burn your eyeballs out

  • Sami

    are you kidding me? all these people look fabulous! they're able to mix and match patterns and colors like no one else. they're more willing to experiment, and i love that about Japan.

  • mike

    #2 is a fashion called lolita, my gf dresses up in this sometimes…there is nothing wrong with most of these.

  • Spacewolf67

    I would disagree, I think that the fashion is pretty awesome. To be able to express yourself and be able to wear what you want. At least it's a good deal more interesting than American fashion. Jeans and tshirts aren't exactly the most interesting. Nor is the fratboy, douche bag, moron look of Plaid shirts, flip flops, and a polo or untucked button-down. Good for the young turks, the Japanese youth.

  • Trey Maddox

    i get that asians are short but whats up with all the 10 inch high shoes everyone has them dudes and chicks its horrible

  • Grey

    *shrugs shoulders …I’d do #40

  • @Metald9

    #40 I think she is cute!

  • Rich

    kill them all with fire.

  • Bastid

    Looks like a bunch of cosplayers and or club kids…

  • Dr. Evil

    Ugh, even Japan has hipsters!

    That said, #40 is actually kind of cute.

  • Pyronorix

    From #1 to #40 I can't tell which one is a girl or a boy… Im getting mind blasted with this…

  • password1

    I like that there is some american culture in there (like xmen and minnie mouse)

  • tommytwotime


  • Lana

    best fashion in the world ❤
    …..srsly not kidding

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