Tokyo is known for its fashion — mostly for how bad it is (40 Photos)

Images via Tokyofashion

  • Dubya

    Wow, that sucked. Can we get a hot, not weird Asian women post soon?

  • Angela

    Why do you hate Asians so much Chive?

    • Dr. Evil

      Oh hai mayer's sock puppet!

  • walter

    sadly, I can't tell if some of them are girls or guys…fap fap fap

  • Melody

    I think it's kind of cool. ..
    I do wish they'd smile a little more tho. Some of them seem deeply unhappy.

  • Bob H

    Look what we've done to Japan.

  • sizzle

    Did you notice that most are taken in the exact same place? That's like going to a Bears game and making an album about how American's like wearing clothes with the letter C.

    Open up your eyes a little.

  • WallaceAdrian

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  • Abby

    Just because a culture dresses differently from yours, everyone's so quick to judge so negatively. How is it "horrible"? Just because it's not something YOU would see people in your country wear everyday? That's just being ignorant. Personally I admire their sense of creativity and ability to express whatever the hell they want through their fashion. That's pretty damn cool.

  • lolala

    these are just extremes taken out of the crowd….if you look at the background everyone is dressed no different than we dress

  • adam

    they all look the same to me

  • erika

    japan is known for amazing fashion. i have never heard of someone calling it "bad". i cant imagine how great you dress. people are unique so we all should dress differently instead of the same.

  • sean

    worst part was not being able to tell who was male and who was female for most of them lol

  • TRex

    Why do Japanese people exist?

  • Most of them are bad

    How'd #19 get in there? Just a regular kimono, looks like a lovely girl 🙂

  • james

    I see dennis rodman is big in Japan now.

  • Guest

    Are these all boys???

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