Various eye-opening photos from an era way back when (33 Photos)


  • RandomTask09

    #30: Amen, brothers.

    • Mike Keller

      Don't we all?

    • Pants

      I sure hope prohibition ends some day.

    • Jesse

      some things never change

    • Gerry Saint

      Thanks for all your hard work and protesting. Drinking a beer right now.

    • Jazmin Baca

      if we meet again ….let me kno……..!!

    • MattKL

      Prohibition, God what a hellish time.

  • etcrr

    #23 Arnold! #20 I don't know who she is but she is more than hot

    • Zachd

      Such a simpler time, before bras.

      • Dude Imbibes

        What's better then burning it? Never having it

        • banananah

          than let's drink to that!

      • Greg

        I'm fairly sure they had bras in the 70's.

    • ello

      Arnold is coming

    • Stan

      Erm…i think she WAS hot. I highly doubt she still is. Unless that over 60s thing floats your boat. I mean, i'm not here to judge.

      • Epitomizer

        You're a dumbass who just posts for the sake of posting, which you are allowed to do, and I am in turn allowed to call you a dumbass. Dumbass.

    • Jak

      Everybody geh to tha choppa naaaoooww!!!

    • Don Rickles

      Susan Shaw

      • Underbaker

        Good call, from 1975, here is a page with a few interesting photos with captions including this one…

      • Csquaredapparel

        #20 burning bra level = OG

      • All In

        Let's see her tomorrow for burn your bra. Or in any context would do.

  • Mike Keller

    #6 Love this one

  • Richard


    Babe Ruth?

    • something clever

      I thought the exact same thing!

    • Byron_Black

      It is.

    • DaddyD

      Sure looks like him.

    • luckyB

      yes this is the great Bambino

      • thedude325

        The Collosus of Clout?!?

        • Daith_Lee

          Sultan of Swat

          • hagar

            Oh, I thought you guys said Bambi…..

            • The Mad Zak

              You're killin' me Smalls!

    • rdpre

      Is that really a question?

    • MattDamonFace

      The. Great. Bam-bi-no!

    • HobbesLeviathan

      Holding a Browning Auto-5.

      • Osgood

        Yep, I have one.

        • Oh my!

          I have one of his balls.

      • tongystunter

        probably one of the good Belgium made ones…

      • LawnGuyLand

        Those paws make it look like a pistol!

      • GunSmith

        Thats not a BAR dumbass

    • Shawny

      No dumb ass that's Elmer Fudd

      • Underbaker

        I thought I saw the resemblance, must have that gun on Daffy ready to shoot him later at home.

    • no doors

      the sultan of swat!

    • TWON925

      "Ya Ya you keep telling me that who is she!"
      -Scotty Smalls

  • bob

    #19 Vandalism on a colossal scale.

    • RandomTask09

      …on land stolen from the Native Americans and sculpted by an active member of the KKK. Although he named his son after his favorite president, Lincoln (who freed the slaves).

      • Lyte

        Great canvas for a great artist, regardless of affiliations. It's still something to be proud of, isn't it? 😀

      • Stabber

        Did you ever wonder why the Emancipation Proclamation always showed about one paragraph and finished with "…"? Lincoln didn't free all the slaves, just the ones in places not committed to the federal government.

      • Whitey

        So sorry, Chief.

    • Kodos

      The white man won. Get over it.

    • GetITRight

      Sorry, gotta thumb down your comment because I don't think you quite understand the word 'vandalism'.
      Vandalism is defacing property, even for the sake of art, if you do it WITHOUT PERMISSION from the owner of said property.

    • Big Tex

      too bad that's a bad photo copy…where's the QAQC dept. on this one?

    • WG27

      Look closely. Sorry to say it, but they 2 completely different mountains. Just saying…

      • Dr Fap

        Or is it that over time the mountain has been warn down from natural occurrences ?

      • Craig K.

        Maybe you should "just say" something when you're right. Those are the same mountain.

    • Bollyver

      Looks like there's room for Obama.

      • Nobama 2012

        The can make one for him in china

    • Tim

      Uhhhh…. Roads and cities are a little worse, no?

  • press


    In her day, she was special.

    • bookmark


      Welsh was her cousin who lived in Wales.

      • Holmespump

        …and made grape juice.

        • Daith_Lee

          not grape DRANK?

    • DaddyD


    • jesseDubya


      • Robbi Y

        you mean plbp

    • Devin_Medrano

      And even now, she's still kinda, sorta… hot. Like a ggmilf lol

      • etcrr

        Raquel Welch is 71 years old

        • spell check?

          delete delete delete.. what an insecure douche bag you are..

    • Underbaker

      Heck she is still special, I seen a lot of MILF's but she is one of the few Grandmothers I would like to…
      <img src="×300.jpg&quot; width="300">

  • Maria

    Oh, how I lold. ^^

    • DaddyD

      Robin Williams?

      • Rob

        Yup lolz

      • Smartass

        Yes. It's from an episode of Mork & Mindy where Mork wants to become a cheerleader. It's not really funny. Just weird. I blame Tootsie for it and for Bosom Buddies (even tough it's probably backwards).

        • Pete

          Yeah, it was kind of the start of the end for the show.

  • Spywit1izzye

    Oooh Gatdam dat be Raquel Welch! Can yoos dig up some Pam Grear! Thanks Pimp!

    • @Dignen

      Pam Grear was hot too. She even looked pretty good in Jackie Brown.

    • passwordistaco

      *Grier – and she's hot, she's not Raquel Welch hot though. Both still looked good the last time i saw them.

    • Holmespump

      I am assuming the translation: "Oh my, that's Raquel Welch! Can you gentlemen please find some pictures of Pam Grier, as well? Thank you!"

      Here you go —

  • Spywit1izzye


  • Lazidude202

    #10 MOAR!!!!!

  • Muadieb

    #10 #20 I can dig it even though they're both more than likely old enough to be my grandmother…

    • abukhara

      the good old days before plastic surgery and photoshop.
      simply stunning.

  • GoBlues

    # 14
    You know it's way back when because he's not looking at her tits

  • Tomatso

    One of the most unique galleries I have seen on the chive yet. More of this and less soft porn

    • oldmanbingle

      I agree. Not likely to happen. Posts like this take effort. Soft porn is easy.

    • Mat

      Maybe the Chive will put together a gallery of closets you can imagine yourself coming out of.

      • MehChive

        Though I agree with Tomatso, your comment made me chuckle.

      • yeah

        If you come to the Chive to prove your heterosexuality, then you're doing it wrong Mat. There's only about 98,395,002,208 porn sites out there.

    • @laurentaryn

      Very much agreed!

  • Oregon_country

    #20 Glad to see bras were burnt back then.

    • fed

      although usually it was also combined with hairy armpits and other bodily parts

      • Oregon_country

        Not sure on the pits, but I agree on the other parts.

    • tempest

      This generation invented bra burning. Part of early feminism, also free love hippy crap.

  • Tobyelius


    Shazbot!, I am a Denver Cheerleader Mindy!!

  • LiquidMuff07

    #2 Smalls: I was gonna put the ball back.
    Squints: But it was signed by Babe Ruth!
    Smalls: Yeah, you keep telling me that! Who is she?
    Ham Porter: WHAT? WHAT?
    Kenny: The sultan of swat!
    Bertram: The king of crash!
    Timmy: The colossus of clout!
    Tommy: The colossus of clout!
    All: BABE RUTH!
    Ham Porter: THE GREAT BAMBINO!
    Smalls: Oh my god! You mean that's the same guy?

    • bob_the_cook

      You're KILLIN' me Smalls!

  • rick

    #28 that's pretty awesome

  • Morten Der Alte Norup

    #4 Playstations/Xboxs of yesteryear….

    • TheAutomaticMan

      #3 People these days are so spoiled.

    • LooWho?

      they creep me out in a Shining kind of way…. "Come and play with us Danny…."

  • @vinny_vee3

    #1. Careful what you ask for boys……you may just get it and then the days of hanging with the boys on the porch with a jug of whiskey is over!

    • LucretiusCarus

      Rape of the Sabine prospector women?

    • HUH?

      be nice. thats mac's great grandfather holding the cat.

    • Paul Wall

      well put, well put my friend

  • Nottah

    #13 Oh NOOOOO, Bieber has time travel…. figured Ms. Gomez would be enough.

    • Nottah

      suppose to be #13, sigh..

  • GremlinPrince

    #6 Dogs were obviously much more vicious, back in the day!

  • Juk3sy

    #10 #20 Hot is timeless!

    • echogeo

      How about a Back in the Day Hot List post, Chive?
      Ann Margaret, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Marilyn, Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Julie Newmar, Claudia Cardinale…to name a few.

      • MatadorPride

        Grace Kelly – hottest babe ever

  • Motofoxe

    #11 I agree with Mick.

    • 2Dogs


    • LucretiusCarus

      Divine was a force unto him/herself. See Pink Flamingos. Totally worth it.

    • Dude Imbibes

      Yeah he looks like he just dropped a brick in his undies

    • thatguy

      Is that Ursula from the little mermaid?

      • Rex Hondo

        Close. The design of Ursula the Sea Witch was based on Divine.

  • sshhh

    #1 then #2
    Start cooking woman, I'm hungry

  • spicticus

    #4 The Shining twins before they were killed

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